‘Instagram is a fake, fake world’

Kristin Cavallari reminds followers that what people see on social media is often fake after posting a highly edited photo on her Instagram.

The 34-year-old reality TV star took to her Instagram Stories on Sunday to share and edit some funny photos she took with friends through an app.

Cavallari shared photos of her and two girlfriends that were edited via FaceApp. (Photo: Instagram)

“I’ve never laughed so hard, guys. There’s an app called FaceApp and it’s crazy what you can make yourself look like. But you can make yourself look like you’re of a different gender and all my friends do that now and they’re just sending me this as the third of us guys.” “You guys have to do this very funny thing.”

Cavallari shared two photos of her and her bearded friends, laughing at how the app was able to completely change their faces. However, in another slide, I explained how it can also make a photo look deceptively perfect and seemingly natural.

"I don't look like that" Cavallari wrote on the photo.  (Photo: Instagram)

“I don’t look like that,” Cavallari wrote on the photo. (Photo: Instagram)

“I don’t look like this. This app is crazy. Instagram is a fake fake world. Just remember that kids,” she wrote on the profile picture. “That’s why we shouldn’t compare ourselves to others here.”

The reminder comes just a few weeks after Cavallari shared that she is intent on creating boundaries when it comes to social media. “I think the biggest thing when you have self-doubt is not being on social media. I got to a place where I don’t read comments on Instagram because it’s not good for my mental health, good or bad” shearing. “I think social media really robs us of our happiness. We always compare our worst with the best of everyone else and that’s a really dangerous place to be.”

Although she continues to post photos of her happiest moments – including those with her three children whose faces she keeps private – Cavallari is also outspoken about the unsolicited comments she receives in response to her posts. She is the one that exposed the mother.

“I don’t remember asking anyone’s opinion,” she wrote on a recent Instagram post.

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