Importance of nutrition for cancer patients highlighted in new report

New research suggests nutrition plays an important role in caring for patients with cancer during and after treatment.

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A report released by the Cancer Control Agency yesterday noted nutrition was one of the factors which could help prevent cancer.

However, University of Otago researche, Dr Rana Peniamina said providing patients with nutrition advice could also help those who have already been diagnosed with, or treated for cancer.

“They really need to have a good look at how they can standardise nutrition information and support into that system to make it available to all cancer patients, at least at some level,” she said.

She says nutrition played a role in recovery, and in preventing cancer from recurring.

“Being well nourished is important for recovery and coping with treatment,” she said. “It’s also an important factor for once you’re over your treatment and you want to look at your health for the rest of your life and preventing recurrence of cancer in the future.”


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