I’m a nutritionist and here’s 5 carbs you CAN eat to lose weight faster

When we decide to shed fat and lose weight, cutting carbs may be the first thing on our agenda.

After all, some of our favorite carb-packed foods like bread, pasta, and potatoes, are just dietary fat traps, and they land right on our stomachs. right?


Cold noodles in particular can make you feel fuller for longerCredit: Getty – Contributor

Well actually, no.

good news in ; Some carbohydrates can make our stomach flatter, and help burn unwanted pounds.

In addition, it is a very essential food group to help us live our daily lives.

Carbohydrates are the body’s greatest source of energy.

“It supplies the body with glucose to use for energy, which can also be stored for future use.

“Carbohydrates also play an important role in the health of our gut, by providing beneficial fiber to the digestive system,” says Rhiannon Lambert, nutrition expert and author of Nutrition Science: Debunking Diet Myths and Learning How to Eat Well for Health and Happiness.

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“There is now a link between the health of our gut and maintaining a healthy weight.”

In fact, carbohydrates are so important, says Rhiannon, that they should make up about a third of our daily calories.

Although natural fiber-rich carbs like whole grain options are more nutritious than those that have been stripped of their fiber content, white carbs have their shortcomings; UK white flour should be fortified with iron, as well as the nutrients thiamine and niacin needed for energy.

So before you vow not to indulge in a bowl of pasta, or throw out bread in your kitchen cupboards, you might want to reconsider your carb ban.

These 5 Carbs Can Help You Relax, Pronto…

1. Noodles

Quantity control: 2 handfuls (dry)

“A group of whole-wheat pasta is an easy way to increase your fiber content that will help you feel fuller for longer, support digestive health and reduce the risk of diseases like type 2 diabetes,” Rhiannon says.

Although warm pasta bread is a perfect winter dish, cold pasta is a great way to support a healthy weight.

“When people consume pasta hot, compared to cold, it will come out faster into the bloodstream, while when it is cooled there will be more resistant starch, which studies suggest, to support people who are at a healthy weight or aid weight loss. It can help with Feeling full in the gut — which makes people feel satisfied for longer,” says Rhiannon.

2. rice

Quantity control: 2 handfuls (dry)

Choose brown rice, which is a great option to serve with curries and tagines.

“It has a nutty flavor and is a great source of dietary fiber,” Rhiannon says, and continues to explain that not eating enough carbohydrates, such as on a high-protein/low-fat diet, can lead to a low mood.

This, in turn, can lead to binge eating; In particular, eat foods that are full of sugar.

To maintain a good mood, it is important to ensure that serotonin levels are stable.

“Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that helps carry messages from one area of ​​the brain to another and is believed to influence a variety of psychological functions; it is known as the “happiness hormone” due to its mood-stabilizing properties,” Rhiannon reveals.

She adds that eating good carbs along with a protein source that contains the amino acid tryptophan (think milk, tuna, chicken, turkey, and oats) can also be beneficial for boosting serotonin.

Potatoes baked with beans and cheese can be part of a healthy diet - they're full of fibre


Potatoes baked with beans and cheese can be part of a healthy diet – they’re full of fibreCredit: Getty – Contributor

3. Potatoes

PORTION CONTROL: A fist-sized potato

return potatoes to the shopping list; And yes, we’re talking about the delicious, often-feared white potato.

While grilled potatoes dipped in fat may not be the healthiest option, try baking potatoes, covering them with chili or even the classic bean and cheese mixture.

Baked potatoes aid in digestion due to their high fiber content and are also rich in vitamin B6; A key vitamin for the body,” Rhiannon says.

B vitamins play an important role in keeping the nervous system healthy and helping our bodies release energy from the foods we eat.

In addition, root vegetables, such as potatoes, pumpkin, turnip and parsnips, contain a lot of starchy carbohydrates.

Everyone should eat modest amounts of starchy vegetables.

Being a starchy carb, they typically contain around 8g of fiber per 100g, which is roughly a third of your daily fiber needs.

“Choose starchy veggies over refined carbohydrates (like white bread) if you’re aiming to lose some weight,” says Rhiannon.

4. apple

Portion control: one apple

Apples actually contain carbohydrates.

In fact, what may surprise you is that one small apple contains about 21 grams of carbohydrates, which is more than the amount found in an average slice of bread.

Apples are also a good source of fiber and vitamin C, which help keep cells healthy.

“To make your apples more plump, try pairing them with a teaspoon of nut butter,” Rhiannon says.

Although fruit is one of the most natural foods we can eat, Rhiannon recommends sticking to about two to four servings of fruit per day, which includes 150ml of fruit juice.

5. Bread

Portion control: 2 slides

Bread, also known as the substance of life, is without a doubt one of the scariest carbohydrates.

But there is simply no need to take bread out of your life.

“Whole-grain bread is packed with nutrients including fiber, B vitamins, antioxidants, and trace minerals,” Rhiannon says.

Plus, as a slow-release carb, the energy in bread is slowly released, which can keep you from crashing later in the day, then reaching for a box of crackers for a sugar-based energy boost.

“Bread also has a prebiotic effect that helps maintain a healthy balance in your body, and many types of bread don’t have grams of trans and saturated fats per serving.”

Sourdough is another great baking option, which is said to support gut health.

Studies have shown that healthy gut bacteria can play a role in our ability to lose weight.

Rhiannon’s new book The Science Of Nutrition is available in all bookstores and online. Follow Rhiannon on Instagram @rhitrition.

Bread is not the enemy - it can support gut health and is full of nutrients


Bread is not the enemy – it can support gut health and is full of nutrientscredit: Getty

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