I Lost 20 Pounds and Got Absolutely Shredded in 3 Months

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Marlon Richards, 39, from London, explains how he achieved his goal of getting ripped by taking part in Matt Morsia’s 90-day body transformation challenge.

I’ve always wanted to get in shape and also look in shape, both in and out of clothes. I was looking for a coach, and the Morsia 90-day challenge sounded like a great opportunity to reach my fitness goals.

The first big change I made was my diet; I had to be aware of what I was putting in my body, and ensure that the food I was eating had the nutritional values ​​to help me to reach my ideal physique. The most difficult part of the challenge was changing my eating habits and being disciplined in regards to what I ate. At the beginning it was difficult sticking to my calorie intake, but once I got into a routine, it became easier.

I also started training in a more consistent way, and had a defined routine where I would target specific areas of my body on specific days.

Engaging with the Morsia Instagram page helped to keep me motivated. The other participants in the challenge and I all shared our journey to reach our individual goals, which definitely kept me feeling engaged.

Roughly halfway through the challenge, I began to see a difference: I became more defined in my physique, and the main area where there was a visible difference was my abs. My arms also got bigger, my chest got more defined, and my quads grew. I also gained size in my shoulders, in muscles I never even knew I had.

In total, I lost 22 pounds, dropping from 192 pounds at the beginning to 170 pounds at the end of the three months. The majority of the fat on my body converted into muscle.

As a result of the transformation, I feel more confident, fitter, more alert, and I am more happy with my appearance. I’ve felt so good about myself that shortly after the challenge I contemplated taking part in body building competition. But most importantly, I proved to myself that I am a very disciplined person when it comes to my health.

There may be days when you find it hard to continue, you might have responsibilities outside of training, you might be tired, but I would say to stick it out because the rewards are worth it. Stick to your calories, stick to your workouts and trust the process: if I can do it, anyone else can.

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