Hunter McGrady talks about plus size pregnancy stigma

Hunter McGrady opens up about the stigma she faced as a plus-size pregnant woman.

On Thursday, the model – who in June welcomed first child Hudson Tynan with husband Brian Keys – spoke to Katherine Schwarzenegger on Schwarzenegger’s live Instagram show BDA Baby about some of the comments she received when she was initially planning a pregnancy.

“When I first announced my pregnancy, one of the biggest things she flooded into my DMs was, ‘Was it hard to get pregnant because you’re plus size? McGrady explained that being plus-size in society automatically means being unhealthy, which is complete and absolute, it just isn’t true,” because there’s stigma around it. “[The other was,] Are you nervous that you won’t look pregnant? Are you nervous that it will hinder your pregnancy journey? “

Hunter McGrady talks about facing the stigmas of pregnancy as a plus-size woman. (Photo by Sarah Morris/Getty Images)

McGrady shared that she and her husband were able to get pregnant quickly, and that she made sure to choose a doctor who wouldn’t allow her size to interfere with the quality of care she receives.

“I’ve been to doctors in the past, if your pinky hurts, it’ll suddenly be like ‘OK, you need to lose weight.’ “I always say to my doctors, ‘What are your thoughts on this? What are your thoughts about me, as a person? And this journey, because I want it to be a positive journey. I’ve had a lot of women call me and say, “My doctor shames me, my doctor always lifts me, and I’m so terrified of being pregnant.” Or, “I’m pregnant, and I’m so scared of having a baby because of the way my doctor talks to me about what I look like.” .

While McGrady also told Schwarzenegger that it’s not just plus-size women who have to contend with societal expectations surrounding pregnant bodies.

“I didn’t look pregnant until the late last trimester, the beginning of the third trimester, and for me, again, society has a way of making us feel really bad as women,” she said. And then, being pregnant is on top of her, because you only see the ‘perfect’ pregnant woman. She’s just belly-up, she’s glowing, her skin is gorgeous, her hair is long and flowy. When she’s not like, ‘Is something wrong with me?’ What’s going on?” I wasn’t. I gained weight all over. I had horrible acne. My hair was falling out. It wasn’t what I imagined, and again, it was because I was fed lies that I had to look a certain way. Lots of women feel this way, regardless of your size.”

Back in August, the body acceptance advocate spoke to Yahoo Life about how, as a plump woman, she often faces criticism for breastfeeding in public.

“We seldom see plus-size women represented in any normal system [everyday] “Life, not to mention breastfeeding, pregnancy, none of that,” she said. “And I noticed that when I have my baby and breastfeed in public, I get disgusted, like I do something wrong and unnatural. But when I go out with my girlfriends with smaller breasts, they don’t get that stare very often. They still do.” [get some]Because I think there’s a stigma around breastfeeding that needs to be 100 percent changed.”

In October, McGrady used a beautiful photo of her son looking in the mirror as a way to illustrate an important message about self-love.

She captioned the post, “Before everyone told us who we should be, we were just as dreadful of ourselves as we were. We looked at ourselves in the mirror in absolute astonishment. We were intrigued by ourselves. We laughed at every move we made, we loved the way it lights up.” With our eyes out and our smile in the mirror.However, at some point in our lives we have had someone or something that made us wonder how great we are. There was a moment when we were made to believe that something was wrong with us, that we needed to change, and we had to fit in. But All of us, all of us, are beginning to be in awe of ourselves. Let us always look for that childlike wonder.”

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