How to live longer: Raw vegetables may improve cardiovascular health and lower stroke risk

Eating raw vegetables gives you the most enzymes, vitamins and minerals needed for good health.

Shayna Komar, a licensed and registered dietician says incorporating raw foods, specifically vegetables and fruits, into your diet can have numerous health benefits.

“You will likely have more energy, better skin, improved digestion and a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease once you get used to eating raw food,” she says.

Because preparation methods for raw vegetables are relatively simple, you may lose weight by fitting them into your meal plan.

Vegetables tend to lose their nutrients when they are overcooked.

“When we eat too much overly-cooked, microwaved and processed foods, it leads to a list of health-related issues,” she explains.

“Cooking may actually upset the natural structure of food, robbing it of its essential nutritional value.”

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