How the Guardian ranked the 100 best female footballers in the world 2021 | Women’s football

aAs we prepare to unveil our fourth edition of the 100 best women footballers in the world, we can reveal the judges who participated in this year’s judging panel. As always, we turned to some of the most respected and influential women and men in the game, including the head coaches for the US and Scotland women’s national teams, Vlatko Andonovsky and Pedro Martinez Llosa.

In addition, journalists, broadcasters and coaches such as Arsenal manager Jonas Idival, Natalia Arroyo of Real Sociedad, and assistant coach of the Brazilian national team Lily Pearson also contributed.

Their votes were counted to see if Pernell Harder can hold onto her title or whether we’ll have the Guardian’s best female soccer player in the world.

The countdown begins on Tuesday, December 7, with the number 100-71. On Wednesday we will reveal the numbers 70-41, on Thursday the numbers 40-11 before Friday’s top ten list completes this year’s list.

The top 100 rules are explained below the judges, who are listed alphabetically by category.


Ariana Crisionne former Italy national team player; Former goalkeeper for FC Twente and Paris Saint-Germain

Sarah Gregory The former New Zealand national team played 100 caps. Won the FA WSL title with Liverpool in 2013

Zanet Jakapvi former Hungary national team player; Won 6 Bundesliga titles and 2 Champions League titles with Wolfsburg

Rebecca Morros Former NWSL player and USA Under-21 national team player; Current Technical Director of the University of Arizona

Leon Stentler Former Netherlands international player and has 13 caps. Won the Eredivisie Championship with ADO Den Haag in 2012

Laetitia Tunazi Former France national team player with 66 caps. He scored 145 goals in 181 matches with Jovisi. He also played with Lyon and Montpellier


Juan Carlos Amoros Real Betis manager

Vlatko Andonovsky USA national team coach

Picture of Natalia Arroyo Real Sociedad manager

Karina Bays one manager

Elisabetta Pavanoli Head of the Roma women’s soccer team

Roma women's soccer team president Elisabetta Pavanoli.
Roma women’s soccer team president Elisabetta Pavanoli. Photo: Francesco Scaccianoce / LiveMedia / Shutterstock

Colin Bell South Korea national team coach

Kim Burkegren Director of Apollon Limassol

Shailene Boyson South Sudan national team coach

Mariana Cabral Sporting Lisbon Manager

Tamara Casimon Belgium national team assistant coach

Catherine Cannolly Director of Western Sydney Wanderers

James Clarkson Houston Dash Manager

Lisa Col Head coach of Antigua and Barbuda

Luis Curtis Ukraine national team coach. Former FC Barcelona manager

Pamela Conti Venezuela national team coach

Thomas Denby India national team coach

Jonas Edval Arsenal manager

Desiree Ellis South African national team coach

Samuel Fegerholm Umeo I’m a manager

Mark Gate Malta national team coach

Mats Green Former BK Häcken Manager

inca granules Zurich club manager

Rita Guarino Inter Milan manager

Laura Harvey Manager OL Reign

Head Nora Israel national team coach

John Kunas Director of HJK ​​Helsinki

Dimitri Leibov Wuhan Assistant Director of Jiangda

Pedro Lusa Scottish national team coach

Jasmine Mander Canada youth national team coach

Joe Montemoro Juventus manager

Nina Batalon Poland national team coach

Poland coach Nina Batalon
Poland coach Nina Batalon. Photo: Grzegorz Michałowski / EPA

Robert de Pauw Twente Club Manager

Lily Pearson Brazil national team assistant coach

Nacho Quintana Panama national team coach

Pedro Lopez Ramos’s photo Spain Under 19s coach

Jens Scheuer Bayern Munich manager

Eric Severac Servette Manager

Anna Signol Finnish national team coach

Tateli Silvera Santos Manager

Caroline Shublom Sweden under 19s head coach

Martin Sjogren Norway national team coach

Renee Seligers FC Rosengård مدير Manager

Lars Sundegaard Denmark national team coach

Tommy Strutt Wolfsburg manager

Andre Valle Benfica coaching staff member

Carlos Velez Rector of the University of Chile

Elisabetta Vignoto Sassuolo manager

Randy Waldrum Nigeria national team coach

Nicola Williams Assistant Manager Lazio

Chan Yuen Ting China youth team coach


Juliana Arrigoy Women’s soccer writer in Brazil for UOL

Roman Baland Women’s soccer announcer in France

javira court arao Chilean women’s soccer writer

Siani Dalmatt Women’s soccer writer in France for L’Equipe

Serena Degen Women’s soccer writer in Switzerland for SRF Sport

Sheryl Downs Women’s soccer writer in Australia

Mia Erickson Women’s soccer writer in Sweden

Long live Maria Fernandez Women’s soccer presenter in Mexico for FOX Sports

Melina Gaspar Women’s soccer writer in Argentina

Elaine Hanish Women’s soccer writer in Germany

Alex Ebasita UK women’s football writer

Harjit Johal Women’s soccer writer in Canada

Rich Lafferty UK Women’s Football Writer; Top 100 . Creator

Sophie Lawson UK women’s football writer

Finland coach Anna Signol
Finland coach Anna Signol. Photo: Jan Krueger/UEFA/Getty Images

Samantha Lewis Australia Women’s Football Writer for ABC Sport

Gianluca Lea Malta women’s football writer for The Times of Malta

Antonio Loma Osorio Chilean women’s soccer writer

David Minayo Women’s soccer writer in Spain for MARCA

Sophie Munch Women’s soccer writer in Denmark

Pamela del Olmo Women’s soccer writer in Mexico

Charles Olney Women’s soccer writer in the United States

Christina Boulos Women’s football announcer in Norway for TV2 Sport

Sandra Brussina Canada’s women’s football announcer

Chantal Reiss Women’s soccer writer in Spain

Alicia Soares Women’s soccer writer in Brazil

Picture of Adriana Terrazas Mexico women’s soccer writer for TUDN

Hania Arbaniak Women’s soccer writer in Poland

Rebekah in the field Women’s soccer writer in the Netherlands at NOS Sport

Julia and Jerry | Women’s Football Writer in Africa; JWSports builder

Susan Wrak UK women’s football writer for The Guardian

How did they make their choices?

Our referees sent a long list of footballers from leagues on every continent and asked one question: Who was the best female player in the world in 2021?

We asked our judges to pick 40 names each, and rank their selection in order from 1-40, with #1 being their pick for Player of the Year.

How does voting work

Each judge’s first choice was awarded 40 points, No. 2 gave 39 points, down to 1 point for their choice of No. 40. All votes were added together to give an initial score.

To reduce the effect of outliers, the highest score given to the player is subtracted to give the final score.

A player needs to get votes from at least five judges to qualify.

If players are equal on points in the scoring, the number of individual votes cast is used as the cutoff factor.

Disclosure of the vote

We are so grateful to our judges for their participation, we were never charged for participating.

To allow our judges the freedom to express their opinions without fear or favour, individual voting records are anonymized.

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