How Britney Spears’ Fiancé Sam Asghari “Went All Out” for Her 40th Birthday Trip

Britney Spears She feels like a “lucky” girl during her birthday month.

The pop star, who turned 40 on December 2 and celebrated her historic birthday with her fiancé Sam Asghari, who recently came down to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico for a romantic getaway.

The Grammy winner shared behind-the-scenes footage of their trip to Instagram, which included a huge balloon display with her name spelled out, sweet singing from a mariachi band and other festivities.

Britney’s birthday celebration has proven very special this year. Not only was her 13-year rationalization ended last month, a source from Capo told E! Tell how Sam went above and beyond during their four-day vacation.

“I hadn’t been to Mexico for a long time and thought it was the perfect place to celebrate her 40th birthday,” the insider explains, adding, “Sam did his best to make it special for her and to let her know how much she is loved.”

Britney Spears Wissam Asgari: Romance Rewind

According to the source, the couple stayed in a beachfront suite at the Las Ventanas resort.

“When they arrived, they were greeted by mariachi and festive decor to celebrate Britney,” the insider describes. On the morning of Britney’s birthday, Sam surprised her with birthday balloons, tons of flowers, and a pretty cake.


Some of the couple’s activities together, according to the source, included working out in the gym, hanging out in their room, and soaking up the sun on the beach.

“They walked ashore for a while in the afternoon,” the insider adds. “They finished their day with a dinner for two and fireworks over the ocean. It was a perfect day for Britney to enjoy her favorite thing: the beach and the sun.”

In the words of the source, “She seemed very appreciative to Sam and would always shower him with kisses and hugs.”

On a different day, the source said the lovebirds “rented a yacht and sailed around the bay at sunset.”

“Britney seemed so relaxed and happy the whole time,” the insider continued. “She was laughing and dancing and really enjoying herself. It was a great trip to Cabo and a big smile on her face.”

Sam’s romantic gestures began long before he and Britney traveled to Mexico.

On December 1, he rushed to the “circus” musician, writing on Instagram, “I name you a lion because I admire your relentless strength, I am inspired by your beautiful heart, and I celebrate your smile that lights up my world.”

He added, “Every day is your birthday, my queen. Happy first birthday to my wife.”

Britney Spears, Wissam Asgari


Britney shared a cute post of her own with Sam, in which she said, “What a precious joy today!!! My fiancé and I are so excited to go away.”

In a separate post on Instagram, the singer wrote, “I am so blessed and grateful!!!!

Another source previously told E! News that Britney was “so excited to celebrate” her historic birthday.

“It’s the first Christmas that Britney doesn’t feel like she’s fading away,” the source said. “This year, they are happy to celebrate Britney’s age as she is finally growing into her true self.”

The insider continued, “She finally feels like she has a purpose and Britney wants to celebrate that to the fullest.”

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