How a focus on nutrition can help you ‘reclaim your rhythm’ this Heart Month

During February, the American Heart Association is urging everyone to “Reclaim Your Rhythm” by focusing attention on improving your physical health and mental well-being.

Each week, there will be a different focus on one of the four key pillars of heart health, starting with nutrition.

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To jump-start your nutrition, the American Heart Association suggests:

  • Using more spices, less salt

  • Make healthier food choices at restaurants

  • Add plenty of fruits and veggies to every meal

If you’re ready to make a bigger change in your diet, start changing your environment. Here’s a tip from Alice H. Lichtenstein, senior scientist and director of the Cardiovascular Nutrition Team at Tufts University.

“The way to make heart-healthy choices every day is to step back, look at the environment in which you eat, whether it is at home, at work, during social interaction, and then, identify what the best choices are. And if there are good choices, then think about how you can modify your environment so that there are good choices. And that can be something like what you stock in the house, what you have at work or avoid at work, and what you may contribute in a social situation.”


The American Heart Association has a wealth of resources available to help you solve your personal nutrition problems. Here are a few suggestions:

Check back each week in February for a different focus on improving your heart health.

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