Health authorities emphasize importance of nutrition against COVID-19

Colombo (first news); Health authorities stress the importance of maintaining a balanced diet to combat the harmful effects of the COVID-19 virus.

The Ministry of Health also decided to implement a special program to increase the nutrition of citizens in this country in line with the declaration of December as the month of nutrition.

Specialist Dr. Anil Samaranayaki, Director (Nutrition Department) at the Ministry of Health, stressed the importance of eating a variety of foods with different colors. He also stressed the importance of eating boiled rice with the bran remaining, and the importance of eating at least two fruits and vegetables daily.

Dr. Samaranayake noted that it is not a difficult task and stated that anyone can also add fish, eggs or meat to meet their protein needs.

Dr Samaranayake also added that it is important to limit sugar substitutes and sugar, and stressed that nutrition is one of the weapons that help people fight COVID-19.

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