Half of workers fear disclosing mental health issues  will see them passed over for promotion

Nearly half of Irish workers believe that disclosing a mental health problem in their workplace will lead them to override a promotion.

That’s according to new research from See Change, a leading project in mental health charity Shine.

The See Change report revealed that 70% of Irish workers feel that stigma around mental health issues can negatively affect their jobs.

20% of those who participated in the research believed there was stigma around mental health in their workplace, and 40% reported that they witnessed some form of stigmatizing behavior around the issue while at work.

Nearly half (47%) of respondents expressed concerns that they would be passed over for a promotion if they disclosed their mental health problems to their employer, while 37% expressed concern about being excluded from specific tasks and meetings.

See Change Ambsassodor Adrian Yates said the research showed there was a lack of knowledge about mental illness in Irish workplaces.

“We fear what we don’t know and therefore avoid dealing with issues that may be taboo or ‘too complex’,” he said.

Unfortunately, some leaders in the workplace still believe in the myth that only “strong” people succeed, so they don’t dare admit any perceived weakness or weakness.

Many participants also cited stigma as a factor that prevents them from participating in initiatives such as mental health and wellbeing workshops. Several workers expressed concern that association with such programs might lead to judgment on participation.

The report also revealed employees’ lack of understanding of existing legislation around mental health in the workplace.

60% of workers said they were not aware that mental health is covered by legislation and the nine grounds for discrimination under disability.

Commenting on the findings, Barbara Brennan, Head of Change Programs, said that while many organizations have made some progress toward ending mental health stigma, there is still much work to be done to alleviate the fear that having a difficult health Mental harmful. of a person’s profession.


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