Greg Glassman Authors Forward to New Book on Nutrition

Image Credit: Eduardo Contreras/San Diego Union-Tribune via ZUMA

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CrossFit founder Greg Glassman has authored a new book, “Lipid Lunacy: The Delusions of Diet and What Really Causes Heart Disease,” a ten-author compilation of members of THINCS: The International Network of Cholesterol Skeptics, including Zoe Harcombe and Malcolm Kendrick and Paul Roach.

One big thing: This is the first written work that Glassman has publicly produced since leaving CrossFit leadership in June 2020. In July 2021, we learned that Glassman was working with an author on a book that shares CrossFit’s founding origins, which may have been released sometime in early 2022.

  • Glassman has been an emotional supporter of countercultural thinking regarding nutrition, particularly against the high-carb versions that are often promoted in the mainstream medical community.
  • In the years immediately preceding Glassman’s departure Selling CrossFit, he focused most of his public efforts on highlighting where he saw modern medicine as failing—that is, doctors continued to prescribe the wrong treatments for chronic diseases and mislead about what constituted a healthy diet.
  • During that timeGlassman launched the MDL1, a Level 1 CrossFit course specifically for clinicians, as well as the quarterly health summits known as the Displaced Physicians Conference.

Read between the lines: With Glassman’s knowledge and passion for this topic, it is increasingly likely that he will continue to expand his public presence around health and nutrition over time.

Some key excerpts:

  • “The CrossFit nutrition recipe has stood up to the prevailing high-carb, low-fat orthodoxy for decades…in the independent course of our daily actions – fitness training – we have come to a clinical understanding that high consumption of refined carbohydrates delays fitness and is detrimental to health while Fats and proteins have the opposite effect.”
  • “Millions of CrossFit practitioners have observed and utilized this knowledge at 15,000 CrossFit companies around the world. Prevailing nutritional advice, taken with the frantic urge to lower cholesterol at any cost, was irrelevant to our daily functioning.”
  • “The catastrophes of mainstream nutrition science—specifically, in this case, the fatty hypothesis that has directed millions of people toward chronic disease—are the result of an almost complete depravity in scope and extent. We use the word ‘corruption’ here fully aware of the double meaning of da: corruption in terms of The stigma of private interests, financial motives, and bad actions taken for personal gain…”
  • “Scientifically backed nutrition guidelines” did not work. The near-universal prescription of statins and other pharmaceutical solutions did not work. These campaigns and campaigns did not work because the prevailing perception of animal fats and cholesterol as killers of heart disease and other chronic diseases has not been substantiated by scientific evidence.”
  • “The food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries are funding research appropriate to their interests.”
  • “Feed reports encourage a common understanding that the loudest sounds are influenced by the most accurate sound.”
  • “Consider the sheer audacity needed to pit yourself against the pharmaceutical industry, the food and beverage industries, and government agencies that have allied so closely with such powerful interests.”

The book is available for purchase on in paperback and Kindle.

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