Gordon Ramsay Gave Ed Sheeran Cooking Lessons to Sing for Daughter

  • Ed Sheeran got free cooking lessons for his performance at Gordon Ramsay’s Daughter’s Party.
  • Sheeran gave a James Bond-themed Tele Ramsey 18th birthday party in November 2019.
  • The singer revealed he didn’t want the money but Ramsay taught him how to make beef Wellington.

When Gordon Ramsay asked Ed Sheeran to perform at his daughter’s 18th birthday party, the singer had one request: cooking lessons from “MasterChef.”

Sheeran revealed that he wasn’t paid to play at Tele Ramsey’s 18th birthday party in November 2019.

Sheeran said on a US radio show, according to The Sun, “I don’t like people saying, ‘Hey, that’s a lot of money, come and play two songs in this, whether it’s a wedding or whatever.

So when Ramsay emailed Sheeran to ask about his performance fee, the “Shape of You” singer suggested a different kind of payment.

I said, ‘You know what? Why don’t I replace your skill with mine. Come on, give me a cooking class, and I’ll play your eighteenth daughter. ”

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Sheeran played a five-song set at the Tally James Bond birthday party in London, which was attended by celebrities like Brooklyn and Romeo Beckham, according to Mail Online.

At the time, British tabloids claimed that Sheeran’s collection cost Ramsay between £50,000 and £500,000, or about $66,500 to $665,500.

Gordon Ramsay Tilly Ramsay

Ramsay and his daughter Tilly in Hell’s Kitchen.

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But Sheeran revealed that Ramsay simply taught him how to make some of the chef’s famous dishes instead.

“He came and taught me and my wife how to cook beef Wellington and apple tart tatin,” Sheeran told the radio station. “It was a fancy apple pie and it was really amazing.”

Michelin-starred chef Josh Emmett previously told Insider that Tarte Tatin was the best dish Ramsay had ever taught him how to make.

Gordon Ramsay Master Chef

Tart Tatin for Ramsay in “MasterChef”.

Masterchef / Fox

Emett has worked with Ramsay for 11 years, and said the MasterChef star’s French apple pie is “exceptional.”

“It’s a technical dish, and it’s hard to master,” Emmett said. “He just made a version that was spot on. I think it’s the best version I’ve ever made, and I’ve made thousands.”

And Ed Sheeran isn’t the only person Gordon Ramsay has helped in the kitchen.

Snoop Dogg revealed in a recent interview that he also got tips from the Michelin-starred chef.

“People didn’t think I could cook,” Snoop Dogg told The Mirror.

“They’ve seen my cooking show and now they know I can,” he added. “I met my son Gordon and he taught me a few things.”

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