Give Parathas A Nutritional Twist With This Beetroot Paratha Recipe

The versatility of Indian bread is something that Indian cuisine takes pride in. From the simple roti to the crunchy poor and stuffed kulcha, there’s just something about Indian bread that makes us want to eat it with everything. And if it’s breakfast, we all know that delicious and crunchy parathas soothe the soul! Whether you enjoy traditional aloo paratha, gopi paratha or mix parathas – we can add just about anything as a filling and make a healthy breakfast in no time. The best part about paratha is that it makes us feel full most of the day. And when you pair it with a spoonful of butter on top and a tea on the side, get ready to indulge! However, if you want to give the paratha a nutritional and healthy twist, here is a beetroot paratha recipe that you must try!

Since winter has come, it is best to take advantage of the fresh produce of the season. Additionally, beetroot is packed with benefits that help our health in many ways. It can help with weight loss, purify the blood and improve heart health, and it is high in antioxidants and also rich in minerals. Therefore, with these many benefits, beetroot should be a part of your diet. Find the recipe below:

Here’s how to make beetroot paratha | beetroot paratha recipe

First, in a bowl, we add wheat flour, salt and ghee, knead the dough with warm water. Let it rest for 15 minutes. Until then, prepare the filling. Next, chop the beetroot in a bowl. Add salt, pepper and red pepper to this. Mix it well. Now, make circles out of the dough, roll it up, and fill a generous amount of the beetroot filling in the middle and close the dough. Now roll it up again and bake it in a pan. Once it’s brown and crunchy, serve it up and enjoy!

For the full recipe of Beetroot Paratha, click here.

Make this paratha tasty and healthy, and let us know how much you like it!


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