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It’s been two weeks into the New Year and I’m seeing a lot of people making a decision to start putting health first. Very typical for January.

Also typical are interruptions, scattering, crises, celebration, etc. Just when you think you’ve finally organized yourself for a “Let’s do this!” (Whatever “that” is to you) The car breaks down and needs an expensive repair or change of business hours. Perhaps your children get sick, someone comes to visit, and the neighbor needs you to sit with the dogs. Does this resonate with anyone?

And you’re sitting there thinking what the hell happened? You had things well planned and coordinated, right? It’s called life.

life happens. And in case you haven’t figured it out yet, it will still happen. The good and the bad. We can’t control the things that happen to us but we can always control how we react to them. Even when it comes to our health.

When you first think about those little – or not so small – interruptions most people see them as just a nuisance – a nuisance when having to reschedule everything. But should you really postpone, postpone, postpone, reschedule, or cancel? I do not think so. These little interruptions are a part of life.

If life is to go on, you have to make a decision. You can be at the mercy of the interruptions in life or you can decide not to let them distract you from the important things, the important things. I was in a workshop years ago and the presenter said something that stuck in my mind.

He said that the important things in life are often intimidated and regulated by urgent things. This is true.

So how do you get started and stay on track in your health journey even when life is happening around you, yours and yours? basic. You go all at one cent.

The one percent rule is powerful because it allows anyone to start anything at any time without fail. That’s because I believe everyone can do at least one thing one percent better tomorrow than they did today. This works especially well when life is happening and you are the “all in” type.

When it comes to health, one percent can drink more water, park farther from the door when you’re shopping, go up stairs, eat a protein-balanced breakfast when you normally have coffee, and so on. You found the idea.

Not putting off allows you to make health a priority and get started and continue even when you’ve filled the void well.

Some of you might be wondering what’s wrong with actually waiting for the storm to pass and then diving in in full force, fully committed, without any distractions. Well, nothing really. That’s probably how many of you will work, and that’s great. But for those wondering when, or even if the madness will stop, the one percent is for you.

I won’t lie, it will take a little longer to achieve your goals. But if you never start, you will never beat them.

health journey. I like to think of it as a road trip for a family vacation. You’ve packed everyone, ready to go, hop in the car, sail the highway, it’s a nice sunny day, then drive through a small town, and arrive at building a road.

Traffic is going slow and you can see the turn sign ahead. You know it will add another hour or so to your driving time but you take the turn and get to your destination a bit late, tired and hungry. But you did.

Your health is like a road trip and your body is the vehicle that guides you through life. On a family vacation, you wouldn’t throw your hands in frustration, drive the car and take everyone home just to get around, right? The same applies to your health.

As long as you start and do one percent better each day and don’t turn the car around, you’ll get there. You will reach your health, weight, or fitness goals because by making the decision to start and not allowing urgent things to bully and regulating your health goals, you are also creating consistent healthy habits. And that’s always a win.

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