Freddie Prinze Jr. No Movies With Sarah Michelle Gellar

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The only movie they made together since they got together was Scooby Doo From that year – and Freddy recently explained to Us Weekly why neither of them would do it again.

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“We only worked together, while we were together, in Scooby Doo‘ He explained, ‘Otherwise, I felt like neither of us thought it would be so exciting for us to be in a job together. “

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“I don’t think it’s exciting to watch two people struggle to be together, you know, when they come home together at the end of the night.”

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Freddy also clarified that at this point, they would likely be starring in a romantic comedy together – neither of them see the point in doing something like that.

“Odds are, if we were in a movie together, it would be a romantic comedy, based on my bus history and track record.” life.”

fair enough! Read the full interview here.

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