France Football re-thinking decision to snub Bayern Munich’s Robert Lewandowski in 2020?

In a relaxed decision “we can’t give the award to whoever we want, so we’ll scrap the whole thing”, France Football did not award the Ballon d’Or in 2020 – the year in which Bayern Munich’s Robert Lewandowski was likely to be the best player in the world.

But according to Bild, could that decision be overturned? lets take alook:

Will Lewis get his Ballon d’Or after all – because he’s a fair man?

2021 winner Lionel Messi (34) had already said to Lloyd in his victory speech in Paris: “Everyone knows you were the winner last year. I think France Football should give you the 2020 award. You deserve it and you should get it at home too. “

It could actually happen like this! Pascal Ferret, French football editor, told BILD: “I heard what Messi said. We will talk about it and think about it. But we will take our time to make a decision.”

The host was particularly impressed by his noble appearance at this year’s party: “Lewandowski is not only a great player, but also a great person. He knew in advance that he wouldn’t win and I don’t know how many players would come then. But he was still kind, very smart, and that was fair play. Very! And the Ballon d’Or is not just an award for the best footballer, it’s also about the person.”

(Scratch the drum sound – do some people know who won the award?)

Ferret went on to talk a little more and then said at last, “But I won’t expect now. Could…”

So… who knows?

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