Four observations from Bayern Munich’s 0-5 victory over VfB Stuttgart in the Süd derby

The German League is approaching the winter break. Bayern Munich is ready to top the list of leaders as they have often done. Here are the notes from their victory over fellow Southerners, at FB Stuttgart:

Stuttgart found the gaps but not the goals

Sasa Calajdic is a difficult man to replace and he has shown that; Bayern’s defense was not the best with errors from several players that left holes in the defense, but Stuttgart did not take advantage of the chances they created. Omar Marmoush is not the same striker as Kalagic. It may be a matter of team selection as well; Silas Wamanjituka would probably play a winger, where the front man might have done better.

The contracts of Niklas Sule and Serge Gnabry should be extended

One game does not prove much. However, I have always believed that Serge Gnabry’s talent level was higher than what he had obtained. The heft on his passes, the power behind his shots, the beauty of his passes – Gnabry has it all. Bayern knows this – after all, Bayern discovered it before anyone else did when he left Arsenal – and it shows when he’s on the pitch.

For Süle, I know Schnitzel will differ but I feel that Süle is Bayern Munich’s best defender and I’ve felt that way for a while. When Süle is on the field, he gets in the way of dangerous opportunities from the opponent, he is a good passer of the ball and very versatile which means he needs a contract extension.

Some things about Sané and Musiala

Leroy Sane adds some oomph to Bayern Munich. When Kingsley Coman came out with another injury problem, Sané came in and proved to be a catalyst for the opening goal. It’s tough to deal with and his trajectory from the first few games of the season so far is totally unbelievable. He’s the difference maker in just a few games and he’s become more than just a luxury player.

Meanwhile, his younger counterpart, Jamal Musiala, was placed in the defensive midfield and once again did well. He’s a brilliant footballer and Bayern Munich has one of the greatest youngsters in the world game.

There is still work to be done

Yes, I know, I’m negative. This was a great win. In the first half, had Stuttgart been more efficient, Bayern would have had to fight another deficit. You can only play the opponent in front of you, but for large parts of the first half, in part because of the pitch, it just wasn’t convincing. This team is amazing – the talent in this aspect is incredible. However, I feel that the team has not reached its capacity limit yet.

That’s it from me! Let me know your thoughts and thanks for reading!

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