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Eric Neumann Sun Sports Editor

Holly Jones, a former Flagstaff Eagles girls’ soccer coach and teacher at Sinagua Prep School, has been fired from both positions after the Flagstaff Unified School District investigated allegations from her colleagues bullying FUSD employees and being in disobedience to FUSD management.

Jones and FUSD were part of her two-day degree in late August, and the district board fired her from her training and teaching jobs.

However, Jones and the FUSD were part of an investigation by the Arizona State Board of Education. After representing herself for two months at the investigation–she said the ASBoE could not let her know what happened when they spoke to FUSD or who represented the board–she received a letter from the board in early December stating that there was no cause to believe that she had engaged in conduct that would” tarnishes the reputation of the teaching profession.

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“This letter is to inform you that the investigation unit has completed its investigation into this matter and decided not to file any complaint,” the letter stated.

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Jones was unable to provide documents to Arizona Daily SunBut she said in the ASBoE investigation she was able to provide additional evidence that was not used at the county hearing to advance her case. Rather than being “the bully,” Jones said she believes the FUSD was actually bullying her.

“I would say that when you look at bullying, there are quite a few types. Three of them attack and vandalize and drive away. I think the area did that to me,” Jones said.

Despite continuing her training at Flagstaff Football Club, with which many Eagles football players compete in high school, Jones is still trying to find a full-time job after her dismissal.

Now, she said, the goal is to “clear her name.”

After more than a decade with the district, the FUSD Board of Directors dismissed her during a special board meeting. Jones said a board member told her that the dismissal “did not erase the good work she did” in the area.

Those words of encouragement, which she said dozens of people in Flagstaff had shared with her, were meaningful during a difficult time.

“I want to thank the community that has supported me. I don’t think I could have gotten through this without all the people who have reached out to me.”

No move has been taken to bring Jones back, but she hopes to find meaningful work either in the area or elsewhere soon.

Savannah Berry has been appointed to the offseason as the new coach of the girls’ soccer team in Flagstaff.


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