Foden and Grealish crossed a line with Guardiola

You can be sure that when Pep Guardiola is asked about Jack Grealish and Phil Foden at his next press conference, he will regroup and move on.

This is how he usually deals with these situations and, it must be said, is the right way too. There’s no point in going into the kind of thing that could happen during the season, but it’s worth focusing just to keep everyone on their toes.

As he often does when he has a point, Guardiola went out of his way after the away win over Newcastle United on Sunday to talk about things like attitude and, in this case, ‘behaviour’.

It seemed to the whole world that he had rotated his starting lineup before the busy Christmas schedule, but in two separate interviews, he insisted that he didn’t.

“No rotation, no,” he said. “I decided to join this team because they deserved to play today, these guys and not the others.

“At Christmas time, I pay a lot of attention to the behavior on and off the field. And when it is not appropriate off the field, they will not play.”

He didn’t name the players, and he probably never would have, but it may be fitting for him that it became known to everyone that Foden and Grealish were on his bad books as they had a busy night after the 7-0 win against Leeds United.

There is a stigma around footballers’ nights, despite the fact that it happens all the time.


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