Fans Can’t Get Over Mark Consuelos’ Sweet Date Night Instagram Post With Kelly Ripa

  • Mark Consuelos, 50, shared an adorable selfie from one of the nights he was with his wife Kelly Ripa, 51.

  • “Date tonight with my favourite,” he wrote in a caption on Instagram.

  • The sweet couple has been married for over 20 years – and they’re still keeping their relationship on steam.

Mark Consuelos and Kelly Ripa still get it. In a new Instagram post, Consuelos shared an adorable selfie of him and his wife from a recent night. The Riverdale The actor wore a black jacket, while Ripa looked radiant in a navy dress tied with elegant white pearls.

Basically, the pair looked as amazing as ever – and fans agree with him. The comments section was flooded with fire and heart emojis. One commented on the post, while another wrote, “Best duo!!”

Consuelos also had the best comment. He wrote “Table for 2 ♥️ ♥️ .. a night with my fave”. Aren’t they the ultimate goals of the couple?!

Consuelos married Living with Kelly and Ryan A star for over 20 years – and he hasn’t stopped loving her ever since. In early October, the actor took to Instagram to share with his wife his hot birthday.

He posted a number of beautiful pictures of the two of them enjoying the beautiful sunset. And his comment on the post really made us cry.

“Happy birthday to my best friend, lover, confidant. My dance partner in life…my girl forever.” For all the important days we missed being together over so many years, I am so grateful to spend this special day with you. I love you, happy birthday Amore.”

In a previous interview with Bruce Posey on SiriusXM’s Andy RadioConsuelos defends his love for Ripa. Although he’s not shy about loving his wife’s looks, Consuelos said there’s another feature about Reba that he loves very much.

“I am married to one of the most voracious readers you could ever meet. She reads and reads and reads and reads,” he said. “And I am very attracted to my wife and not [just] On a physical level, but her mind is very sexy. As if she really knew a lot… She was way ahead of the curve so many times.”

In 2018, Ripa also spoke with Bozy Andy Radio She revealed that she knew Consuelos was the moment she saw him. “I saw my husband in a picture before I saw him, and I knew,” she said. “I wasn’t looking forward to marriage…but when I saw him, I saw his picture with him flashing before – like I saw him. And I don’t believe in any of that, but now I do. Because of that moment.”

They are just cute!

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