Fan Fawn Over Ciara’s New Post with Her Husband Russell Wilson

car Fans were stunned on December 4 after sharing a fashion post with her husband, the Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson.

Uploading to Instagram, the pair, who wear matching black and gray suits, were posing for a photo shoot for their unisex perfume collection called “R&C”. The brand—named after the pair’s initials—was released last year.

Ciara’s latest post with her husband, Russell Wilson, has fans swooning over their looks. @ciara / Instagram

In addition to the photo, the 36-year-old also expressed how much she liked the shot of herself and Wilson. She wrote, “Me N My Boo. Love this picture of us when we were on set. They have fragrances right!” When fans started viewing Ciara’s post, many claimed that the couple, who celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary in July, were “relationship targets.”

“Love this beautiful power couple.”

“Couple strength. Couples who slay together, stay together.”

“You guys, my relationship goals keep going strong.”

“Beautiful pic, power couple.”

Among the “relationship goals” notes, one Instagram user Bow Wow posed Ciara’s ex-boyfriend while comparing the singer’s current relationship. They said, “Bow Wow never could.” Another person who shared a similar opinion of the social media user replied, “Never.”

Bow Wow made headlines last month after he tweeted that he wanted people to stop blaming him for hurting Ciara. The former couple dated in the early 2000s and even collaborated on the 2005 rapper song “Like You”. The couple eventually went their separate ways in 2006 after rumors started circulating that Bow Wow cheated.

The turmoil began when Twitter user Ciara brought up Ciara’s dating history and included the names of 50 Cent and Future. They said, “Ciara really dated fifty cents a future.” Another person added Bow Wow’s name to the mix while reposting the original upload, saying, “Bow Wow too…that woman went through hell.”

When the “Roll Bounce” actor found out what was going on, he replied, “Seventeen years ago… I still get blamed. That’s brutal.”

In an additional tweet, he put down the cheating allegations. He said, “This summer album has women blaming me for things. I’m like, ‘Damn, what am I doing? I don’t cheat women. I’m not a dog, I promise.'”

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