Faeth Therapeutics Raises $20M to Advance Precision Nutrition Platform as A New Modality in Cancer Treatment

San Francisco–(work wire) – Faeth Therapeutics, a healthcare company that develops machine-learning-driven micro-nutrition solutions and treatment systems to advance cancer treatment, today announced the closing of a $20 million seed funding round led by Khosla Ventures and Future Ventures, with participation by S2G Ventures. and Digitalis, KdT Ventures, Agfunder, Cantos, and Venture Un.

Metabolism plays an essential role in the growth of tumors, and cancer cells frequently show an altered metabolism compared to healthy tissues. Tumors require a lot of nutrients, such as glucose and amino acids, which are used to generate energy and build molecules for growth. Moreover, cancer cell metabolism plays an active role in helping tumors defend themselves against chemotherapy and targeted therapies — essentially making anticancer drugs less effective.

Faith exploits the differences in metabolism and nutrient absorption between healthy and cancerous tissues by democratizing micronutrition as a new method in the fight against cancer. Modification of dietary nutrients will join surgery, radiotherapy, small molecule and biology as a pillar of the treatment model in cancer care. The company’s machine learning-based discovery platform, MetabOS™, unveils tumor micronutrient vulnerabilities based on genotype, organoid, and treatment. Faith has produced groundbreaking preclinical data that precisely designed diets can not only have a therapeutic effect, but can also improve a patient’s response to other cancer treatments.

The founding scientific team is the world’s leading cancer specialists, bioinformatics and genomics pioneers, including clinicians. Lou Cantlie, director of Mayer Cancer Center, Weill Cornell Medicine, Syed Mukherjee, oncologist, Columbia University Irving Medical Center Karen Fosden, chief scientist at Cancer Research UK and group leader, Francis Crick Institute.

Funding will be used to develop Faeth’s micro-feeding platform as well as its lead candidate, the isoform-selective PI3Kα inhibitor, Serabelisb, in phase Ib/II clinical trials this year. Faeth will also expand her team to further develop the MetabOS™ platform for preclinical discovery and patient-oriented software.

“We are excited to bring together the world leaders in cancer, to solve the current challenge of how to harness nutrition to improve outcomes across oncology using our machine-learning-driven micro-nutrition platform, MetabOS™,” said Anand Parikh, CEO and Co-Founder, Faeth Therapeutics, This seed funding round enables us to begin the first human studies of our lead candidate Serabelisb and advance our micro-nutrition-enhanced microtherapy pipeline.“We are using microtherapies, programs, and nutrition to help treat cancer for millions of patients who desperately need better outcomes.”

“At Khosla Ventures, we invest in projects that are bold, early and impactful for the world,” said Alex Morgan, partner at Khosla Ventures. “Faith’s approach and team have shown that dietary modification can be key to unlocking therapies for cancer patients and we look forward to working with them.”

“Faeth has an all-star team of global scientists who have discovered how we can systematically starve all cancers and improve patient outcomes. The company has produced groundbreaking data, showing that precisely tailored diets can improve response rates,” said Steve Jurvetson, Managing Director at Future Ventures. specific treatments for cancer.

About Nutritional Therapies

Headquartered in San Francisco, Faeth Therapeutics was founded to translate breakthrough discoveries made by world-leading cancer research laboratories into clinical practice. The company is integrating precision therapies, programs, and nutrition to treat cancer. Precise nutritional interventions are delivered to the patient at home, using AI-guided software to provide a seamless experience and access to dieticians to deliver the best possible treatment outcomes. Among the founders of the scientific industry pioneers d. Lew Cantley, Sid Mukherjee, Karen Vousden and other pioneers in the field of bioinformatics, genomics and nutrition. For additional information, visit www.faeththerapeutics.com.

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