Experts Agree: This Is The One Breakfast Food You Should Stop Eating Because It Causes Abdominal Fat

Starting your day with a healthy meal is one of the most important daily steps you can take if your goal is to lose weight. From eggs to pancakes to granola, there are plenty of “healthy” breakfast options known out there, as well as unhealthy options disguised to get more benefits than you do. We asked health experts which breakfast food to look for if you’re trying to lose weight, and how to find healthy versions of it.

Disadvantages of sugary cereals

Cereal is one of the most convenient meals, and it can be customized easily if you prefer plant-based or non-dairy milk. While the pills themselves aren’t a bad idea if you’re in a bind and trying to lose weight, experts say the type of pills you choose is the difference between an energy-packed morning or one that starts off great and ends in the middle of the day—a stagnant afternoon.

“If weight loss is the goal, eat sugars cereal “Eating breakfast is a bad idea,” says Dr. Robin Baines, MD, a health expert. “Sugary cereal They are generally low in fiber,” says Baynes, explaining that fiber is very satiating and helps us feel full, promoting longer-lasting weight loss. cereal It can cause insulin levels to rise,” says Baines, “which can lead to fatigue.”

Dietitian and nutrition expert Lindsey DeSoto notes that unclear portion sizes are another reason why eating cereal may be a misguided choice for someone trying to lose weight. “Many people choose pills Because it’s fairly low in calories, but if you’re not measuring portion sizes, one serving can easily turn into two,” says DeSoto.

She adds that although “not all pills Bad, “Many popular ones are full and made with ‘refined carbohydrates’ which can lead to ‘accumulation of visceral fat.’ They also lack fiber and protein, two essential nutrients that have been shown to help shed belly fat,” says DeSoto.

Ultimately, avoiding sugary cereals is beneficial if you are trying to lose weight. However, if you like grains in general and want to decide which ones are healthy and which aren’t, we’ve rounded up some helpful tips for your next visit to the grocery store.

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Healthy alternatives to sugary cereals

While giving up all grains would be one person’s weight loss plan, finding a healthier alternative to sugary grains would be best suited to someone else’s diet. If you want to keep pills in your daily routine, it’s important to read the nutrition facts, labels, and ingredients before purchasing.

Many pills, says health expert Dr. Rand MacLean, are prescribed in misleading ways. “Even ‘nutritious’ cereals are often loaded with sugar,” MacLean says, so it’s important to keep several things in mind if you choose to eat cereal.

“If you’re a grain lover, be sure to choose a brand that has whole grains and fiber,” says DeSoto, who also recommends pairing cereal with a protein source in the morning, to cover all the important nutritional aspects.

Overall, as quick and easy as cereal can be, many popular types and beloved brands are full of sugar. Some may cause you to miss out on important needs like protein and fiber. There are healthy alternatives, and it’s best to speak with your doctor to come up with a healthy weight loss plan, set goals for yourself and fuel your body with an active breakfast every morning!


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