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QUINCY Few, if any, can claim that it changed the world of high school football to the extent that Foster Cass did.

Cass passed away at the age of 79 after a brief illness in January 2020, but to this day, the Football Coaches Association of Eastern Massachusetts continues to honor the longtime coach, Dixbury, and many other individuals who have contributed to the growth of the sport around the Commonwealth by Hosting a trio of All-Star games annually.

During the 53rd batch of the event on Friday, hundreds descended on Veterans Stadium in Quincy to see some of the state’s top athletes, and they totally welcomed the spectacle.

“There were so many great people who helped make this event what it is today,” said EMSCA President Brian Mitchell. “Obviously in a great place in Quincy with Veterans Stadium. We had 110 players playing today. Eight of them were from New England, (some of them) all American. For them to show themselves, thank you very much (out) to Quincy High School for letting We are holding this event here.”

Fans were greeted with nail-biting kicks to start the day at Lenny Emmons, which came as a one-off put together by a pair of North Andover teammates. With about 15 minutes left in the game, Caleb Ginsberg sent a pass to Jack Detterman, who proceeded to bury the winning goal for Freedom during a thrilling 2-1 match.

If you haven’t already recognized the name Joao Faria, now might be a good time to start doing it. Dissolving some early tensions, he put the rock star in clinic at the Don Brock All-Star game shortly thereafter, scoring a hat-trick for Team Liberty during a runaway 4-4 draw with Team Freedom. The sophomore also added help in the effort.

Faria has already received interest from multiple MLS clubs, and after his heroic deeds on Friday, don’t be surprised if a few other organizations start reaching out.

EMSCA also took time during the day to remember former Stoneham boss Jimmy Carino by creating an award in his name. Carino died at 62 in February of complications from COVID-19, but his legacy lives on.

Fittingly, Stoneham’s aging Michael DeMaria was named the first-ever award winner for his embodiment of leadership on and off the field.

In the FA Cup final, Reading’s senior Ryan Connolly emerged as a star, scoring a goal with a pair of assists, helping Freedom’s 4-1 win over Liberty.

“We probably had about 30 college coaches[on hand],” Mitchell said. “It’s cool, (the players) have fun. But at the end of the day, it’s not about the result. It’s about being able to play top-level football, being able to play against some great players from all over the Eastern Bloc… It’s something these (coaches) were. ) is here (in), year after year, to help promote the game of football.”

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