Elon Musk lookalike, dubbed ‘Yi Long Musk’, stuns fans

This fake was actually “Made in China”.

A man goes viral on the internet for being a scary Time lookalike of the year.

In the short video originally posted on TikTok, the self-proclaimed “Chinese Elon Musk” doppelganger stands next to a car, imitating the CEO of Tesla.

On Facebook, the video garnered 878 reactions and 1,801 shares, sparking debate over its authenticity in the comments.

While some people posted GIF reactions in awe of the celebrity twin, nicknamed “Yi Long Musk,” others weren’t convinced it was real.

A chorus of users are convinced it’s fake – a digitally altered video in which the face of a public figure is placed on a human’s.

“He is very fake. There is a slight glitch when he speaks while the camera is moving,” one user wrote in the Facebook comments.

Another Facebook commentator echoed this sentiment when he wrote: “What’s that about the Illuminati?” Others think you can get anything in China, commented, “Made in China ‘Elon Musk’,” while another said sarcastically, ‘Musk’s Chinese twin lol. “

Although creators have become clear about fake videos, Rachel Tobak, CEO of online security company SocialProof, He tweeted that deepfakes would “affect public confidence.”

“Just because you feel you can personally tell the difference between synthetic and original media, it doesn’t mean we’re okay. What the general public thinks is important,” she continued.

Musk isn’t the only celebrity to discover they have a famous lookalike as several bold carbon copies have appeared recently.

Earlier this year, a viral deepfake of Tom Cruise, under the username @deeptomcruise, was debunked by TikTok users. Cardi B’s lookalike, nicknamed Cardi C, caused a viral frenzy in August, when New York hairstylist Claudelandi posted a video of a client named Ashley showing off a new wig.

Scarlett Johansson, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Brad Pitt and even Aaron Rodgers have also found out that they “lost twins a long time ago”.


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