Easterseals NJ receives $3.29 million grant from Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

Easterseals New Jersey has received a two-year grant of $3.29 million from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).

The scholarship is designed to increase access to mental health services for hundreds of individuals in Union County who are experiencing severe emotional distress. The money will also go to support the wellness of essential mental health workers and employees who care for people at CenterPath Wellness Clinics, a counseling service center for Easterseals NJ.

The grant will help Easterseals NJ provide expanded services to 500 to 700 children and adults over two years, along with mental health professionals.

“Few residents are more important to serving than our youth, especially those with severe mental health issues. We are here to serve them, and this generous grant allows us to significantly expand the scope and reach of our services,” said Easterseals NJ CEO and President Brian Fitzgerald. “Through this scholarship, SAMHSA also recognizes that essential workers who help these individuals also need mental health services, so that they can perform their jobs at the highest level every day. For these reasons, our gratitude to the SAMHSA grant is profound.”

Through this grant, Easterseals NJ is expected to be able to “increase access to services for children and adults experiencing severe stress and support the wellness and recovery of these individuals, particularly given the lack or limitations of those services due to COVID-19.” The grant will support CPWP’s need for technology, service marketing, and training. The funding will also enable Easterseals NJ and CPW to promote their services to local provider networks.

For more information about Easterseals New Jersey and statewide disability services, visit http://www.eastersealsnj.org./ For more information about the nonprofit CenterPath Wellness and its services, visit https://www.mycenterpath.org/ or contact 908-756-6870.

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