Drew Barrymore Says She’s Been Sober for Over 2 Years

  • Drew Barrymore recently decided to discuss her recent experience with sobriety in public.
  • The actress and CBS talk show host said she hasn’t drunk alcohol “in two and a half years.”
  • Barrymore says she was inspired to be public about her shoot after interviewing Machine Gun Kelly.

Drew Barrymore says she’s been on a sobriety journey over the past few years, and decided to talk candidly about it after interviewing Machine Gun Kelly about mental health during the final episode of “The Drew Barrymore Show.”

“I’ve been very private about a lot of my suffering,” the actress and TV presenter said during her session with CBS. “I’m going to say something for the first time in a long time: I haven’t drunk alcohol in two and a half years.”

Barrymore, who hosts her own show on CBS, was chatting with Gayle King, Tony Docobel, and Nate Burleson, along with her fellow morning shows, about her recent conversation with Machine Gun Kelly. Barrymore told them she had an entire clip planned for her episode with Kelly, but she threw the plan out the window when Kelly opened up about her mental health struggles. Their conversation turned out to be a pattern-breaker, and Barrymore decided to continue the conversation during the CBS interview.

That’s when she revealed that she hasn’t drunk alcohol for the past two and a half years. “It was something that I realized didn’t serve me in my life,” she said.

Part of the process, Barrymore says, was admitting out loud that she was stuck in a pattern and “going through things,” and she decided to change her internal dialogue to say “I’m willing to make big changes.”

When CBS asked her about the difference in herself before sobriety, Barrymore turned to her favorite quote.

“I love this quote: ‘Insecurity is high, confidence is quiet,’” she said. “It was something I hadn’t talked to people about for years because it was a calm and confident journey from just going, ‘I just want to know and do it without any profession or anything public.’” Let me do this quietly and discreetly. Now it’s been long enough that I know I’m living a lifestyle that really works on a highway.”

In the first episode of the new season, “Drew Barrymore Show,” the actress returns to a psychiatric clinic where her mother sent her for 18 months when she was 13 after Barrymore started partying and being a “wild kid.” Previous reports from Barrymore’s memoir said she called herself a “party girl” and was actually sent to rehab at age 12.

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Barrymore, circa 1990.

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Barrymore told CBS in her new interview that being in her forties brought a new perspective on controlling your behavior and cycles.

“We continue to encounter things in almost every decade of our lives beyond what we thought we saw,” she said. “And I’m interested in this conversation — that we don’t fix it, we move on, and then it never breaks again. We’re on that roller coaster.”

She continued, “One thing we control is our behavior – our reaction, our patterns, the cycles we need to break, the way we approach people, how we process all that and what we put in there. Now that I’m working from that space, that has changed a lot for me.”

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