Discovery Behavioral Health Acquires Awakenings KC Clinical Neuroscience Institute

This outpatient psychiatric clinic in the Kansas City area is known for innovative treatments including TMS injections and ketamine injections

AngelsAnd December 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Discovery has acquired Behavioral Health, Inc. , an expanded network of centers for evidence-based mental health, substance use and eating disorder treatment, on the Awakenings KC Clinical Neuroscience Institute in Prairie Village, Kansas, Outside Kansas City.

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We’re about to see a wave of cutting-edge therapies in behavioral health.

Awakenings offers adult outpatient mental health programs for a wide variety of disorders, including anxiety, depression, panic disorder, bipolar disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), thinking disorders, co-occurring disorders, and attention disorder. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and eating disorders. The center offers group therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), which can be combined with medication management by a psychiatrist.

Additionally, Awakenings offers advanced treatments for major depressive disorder (MDD), including TMS therapy and ketamine injection therapy for clinical depression. According to a 2021 study by Mental Health America, states Missouri And kansas It ranks 31st and 43rd respectively in the country for the rate of clinical depression, a condition estimated to affect nearly three million American adults. (The higher the ranking, the higher the prevalence of mental illness and lower rates of access to care.)

heads awakening Maria Cristina DavilaMD, MD, holds two degrees in psychiatry and neuroscience. born in ArgentinaShe completed her medical training in Buenos Aires before moving to Kansas City She completed her residency training in psychiatry University of Missouri, Kansas City Faculty of medicine.

She has been working in the community since 1998 and has held various positions at local universities and hospitals. She is currently the chair of the Midwest Chapter of the American Society of Addiction Medicine.

“Awakenings provides hope for patients who may have tried other treatment programs without success. We are particularly proud of their ketamine injection therapies. Because of their speed and effectiveness, they can improve symptoms even in patients with treatment-resistant depression and other mental health conditions,” says Dr. Davila.

Ketamine infusion therapy can have an immediate and lasting effect on clinical depression with minimal disruption to the patient’s daily routine. Ketamine is a man-made drug that was first synthesized in 1962 and approved for use in United State in 1970. It works by stimulating the development of new receptors and synapses in the brain. In 2019, the US Food and Drug Administration made a pioneering decision to approve a form of ketamine as a clinical treatment for treatment-resistant depression.

President and CEO of Discovery Behavioral Health John Belokane He notes, “We are on the cusp of seeing a wave of cutting-edge behavioral health therapies that combine evidence-based medication with personalized counseling. Dr. Davila and her team are at the forefront of delivering these innovations, and we are thrilled to welcome the Awakening into our growing nationwide network of behavioral health centers.”

About discovering behavioral health

Everyone deserves a happy and rewarding life. For this reason, Discovery Behavioral Health has made evidence-based, results-based healthcare accessible and affordable right from the start. Through the full gamut of care – detoxification, medical stays, residential treatment centers, partial hospitalizations, intensive outpatients, outpatients, psychiatrists, neurologists and telehealth services, we can provide the right, timely care for adults or teens with From mental health, substance abuse or eating disorders. With a portfolio of over 130 treatment centers including service lines in successful operation since 1985, we are a preferred and trusted provider with most insurers that value our clinical rigor and great results. When treatment is complete, our patients become part of the growing Discovery alumni family, connecting through free aftercare programs, support groups, activities, and a life-long care community. Because when high-quality behavioral health care is at hand, so is happiness.

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