Dietitians Say This Unexpected Food May Be Why You Struggle To Lose Weight

Healthy weight loss depends on a number of factors starting from the food you eat, how much sleep you get, and the amount of calories you burn through exercise. It is a well known fact that maintaining a calorie deficit is essential to seeing real results, but the quality of the calories you consume is also an important factor in determining the value of your meals.

Some foods that are usually considered “healthy” are eaten blindly, inadvertently making it difficult to maintain a calorie deficit and thus hindering your weight loss goals. If you’ve filled your diet with nutrient-dense foods but are still finding it hard to see any changes in your body, there’s a snack that nutritionists agree may stand in the way of weight loss.

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A great source of healthy fats, plant protein and nutrients abundant in moderate nuts can be a great addition to your daily diet for increased energy and even weight loss. However, because nuts are classified as a “healthy” food, they often carry an indication that they can be eaten in large quantities without any adverse effects. However, nuts in general are generally higher calorie foods that may quickly work against your deficit when eaten in excess. “Nuts are small and like chips, they are easy to eat without thinking. Registered dietitian Trista Best warns that large amounts or large servings of nuts lead to a higher amount of calories consumed at one time.

Popularly used as a crunchy addition to salads, as a midday snack, or as a savory addition to bread mixes, nuts are undoubtedly a valuable addition to your diet. But as with all other foods, not eating them in moderation can be problematic in creating a sustainable calorie deficit, and you may find that your scale stays the same with nuts as a great daily snack. When it comes to nuts, although they are rich in nutrients, they are a calorie-dense food due to the healthy fats they contain. So, consider measuring the amount of nuts you’re consuming and splitting them appropriately,” Best suggests.

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However, nuts are naturally better for you than eating chips or sweets as a midday snack as they are rich in healthy fats that are known to help improve your metabolism and increase calorie burning naturally. Just staying aware of your serving sizes and measuring your portions may be the solution you need to keep nuts in your diet without overdoing it, and choosing almonds, pistachios or walnuts which are different types of nuts with the highest nutritional value will also prove beneficial in your weight loss efforts.

It’s never a good idea to abuse any foods, and the healthiest way to lose weight will be one that allows you to consume all your favorite ingredients in moderation, prioritizing the foods that are more nutritionally dense. Nuts are a healthy and filling snack to have during your weight loss journey, but as with all other foods, staying aware of your portion size will make all the difference in avoiding mindless snacking and feeding your body the calories it needs to thrive without excessive chewing.


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