Die Roten Robbery: Reactions as Bayern Munich’s Robert Lewandowski was passed over in Ballon d’Or vote

As you now know, the turn of events was not shocking: Bayern Munich’s Robert Lewandowski was not awarded the prestigious Ballon d’Or – an accolade he had fully deserved for two consecutive years.

While the 2020 award was canceled for a spurious reason, the 2021 edition continued to be the outward expression of Lionel Messi’s “fanboy-dom” that went on for far too long.

Is Messi a great player? Yes really.

Was Messi the best player in the world in 2021? No shot.

The biggest booster for Argentina’s 2021 CV was Argentina’s Copa America win in July, with FC Barcelona finishing third in the league.

Meanwhile, Lewandowski broke the record held by Gerd Muller and won the Bundesliga title.

Some things aren’t that hard, yet reckless voters continue to prove that humans are prone to error.

Some of the reactions were, well, on the ground:

But in the end, we all knew it would end this way:

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