Deron Williams edges past Frank Gore in wild celebrity fight on Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley 2 undercard

The idea of ​​watching two elite athletes from different sports clash in the boxing ring will always have an odd allure. This was the case prior to the four-round Show encounter between former NBA star Deron Williams and third-ever NFL leading rider Frank Gore on the bottom card of the rematch between Jake Paul and Tyrone Woodley. In the end, Williams was able to secure the split decision victory in a rare fair scored by the ringside judges.

Williams entered the ring with a massive advantage in length and reach and put more than a decade of gym training experience to work early, using a long stroke to prevent Gore from hitting the range. In the opening round, that blow allowed Williams to follow with his sharp right hand that annoyed Gore.

Gore returned in the second round, rocking Williams with a double hit followed by a right-winged header. Williams responded with a wild moment as he tried to rally Gore before pushing him back through the ropes and getting Gore to be examined by a doctor. When work resumed, Gore returned the favor, trying to throw Williams through the ropes on the other side of the ring.

After a warning from the referee, the fight settled into something more like a boxing competition. Williams took over the fight in the third and fourth rounds, and showed more stamina as Gore was visibly tired. However, Gore found moments to throw big right-handed grenades even as Williams was pouring in on the hits.

“I’ve always been a bodyguard,” Williams said. “I’ve never avoided contact, and I showed that today. People think basketball players are soft, but I’ve never been one. That’s what I was looking to achieve here today.” “Maybe I gained some new fans, but I’m glad I made my team happy and my family proud. My mom was nervous. She didn’t want to watch and see her son get beaten up, so I hope she’s proud of that which — that.”

Williams had his biggest moment in the fight in the third round, landing a raft of punches while Gore was pinned into the corner. The referee stepped in and issued eight fixed numbers to Gore, telling the former NFL Pro Bowler he was holding the ropes and giving Williams a 10-8 run.

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At the conclusion of the four rounds, the judges handed out scores of 38-37, 37-38 and 40-35, giving Williams the split decision win.

After the fight, Williams said he was officially “one and done” as a boxer.

“I’m going to go sit my old stupid ass somewhere and let these pros do this shit,” Williams said. “Honestly, I probably looked bad in there… Once you come in here and start touching, all your training will go out the window.”

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