Darius Leonard details mental health journey

How do you go 1-0 in your farewell week?

Here’s the question Indianapolis Colts coach Frank Reich asked his team on HBO’s fifth episode. Tough kicks of the season Opens.

His players seem confused.

Ray’s answer? By being fresh, hungry and outstanding in the last four games of the season.

After a 31-0 defeat to the Houston Texans, the Colts improved to 7-6. They are in the midst of a playoff chase.

But as farewell week comes, Reich wants them to have fun, but warns them not to let their guard down and keep their confidence.

The final quarter of the season will determine whether or not that team gets their picture on the wall, an honor reserved only for the Colts playoff teams.

The main topic of Wednesday’s episode is mental health awareness.

After delving a bit into the history of the Colts family estate, the show focuses on owner Jim Irsai’s campaign, his family, and his team to raise awareness of mental health issues, “De-Stigma”.

Colts full back Darius Leonard details his struggle with mental health.

When he was 17, Leonard lost his brother and found himself in what he described as his darkest moment. He doesn’t eat, he loses weight, he doesn’t go out, that’s when he realized he had to change his life. By opening up and connecting, he became a better person and saw the bigger picture of life, bringing “joy, peace, and happiness” to others.

One way Leonard does this is by sponsoring “Shop With A Jock,” where he takes local kids shopping for toys.

By discussing his mental health struggles, he also hopes to spread awareness of a disease that often goes undetected.

  • Kenny Moore’s second Kennyurpak was surprised by his mother, who revealed to him that he had been chosen as the Colts nominee for one of the league’s most prestigious awards, the Walter Payton Man of the Year Award. It is a heartening sight.
  • Xavier Rhodes and his wife are preparing to give birth to their daughter, Jersey Stone Rhodes. By chance, four years ago, they had their first daughter, Trip, also at farewell week.
  • Jim Irsay travels to Washington, D.C. to showcase his music collection and other cultural artifacts, such as the Ringo Starr’s pinky ring, guitars owned by Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, and John Lennon, as well as the “On the Road” scroll by Jack Kerouac. Regret one? Bid on Wilson, Volleyball from Tom Hanks forsaken.

And that, my friends, is your summary of the last episode of Tough kicks of the season. Sorry, no Spotify playlist. Apparently my colleague Dan Hanzos was too busy hanging out with Kevin from the office to put together one for me.

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