Cutting down on these two food groups can help if you’re struggling to lose weight

We all know we need to maintain a healthy weight to live a longer, healthier life, but it’s not always simple.

Certain diets can damage our bodies and make us miserable, but celebrity dietitian Dr. Michael Mosley says that eliminating just two food groups from your diet can make all the difference.

Mosley is credited with coming up with the 5:2 Diet, a weight loss system where you eat normally for five days and consume 500 calories for two days.

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Mosely, a qualified physician, has appeared on our screens on shows like Trust Me I’m a Doctor and The One Show. For 25 years he has been working in television and journalism.

As a development of the 5:2 plan, Dr. Mosley now says that eating the “Mediterranean Diet” on non-fasting days will be good for your waistline and bank balance.

According to the Daily Express, he said, “Today we have more compelling evidence than ever before that 5:2 is one of the best ways to lose weight and stay skinny — as well as reduce your risk of disease.

“But this time there’s also a clever twist.”

The new 5:2 version includes calorie-controlled dishes created with no more than five main ingredients.

Dr. Michael explained why this might be beneficial: “The fasting days are easier than ever to shop and prepare for.

“It’s also useful if you’re watching your wallet as well as your waistline.”

Two days a week, 500 calories are consumed, the other five days a week, you won’t count calories.

But “to get a much greater benefit from intermittent fasting,” Dr. Michael advises switching to a “low-carbohydrate, Mediterranean-style diet on the days when you are fasting and when you are not.”

That means more olive oil and nuts, as well as lots of eggs, full-fat yogurt, fish, and oily vegetables.

“Be sure to eat protein and vegetables on fasting days. The proteins are very satiating and you can eat a lot of vegetables for very few calories.”

But there are some food groups that you should eat less of if you want to improve your chances of losing weight.

Here’s what you need to exclude or scale back

He explained: “Reduce your intake of sugar, sweets, drinks and sweets.

This includes most breakfast cereals, which are usually full of sugar, as well as most commercial juices.

“Reduce or avoid starchy carbs — meaning the white stuff: bread, pasta, potatoes, white rice.

Instead, switch to whole grains including bulgur (broken wheat), whole rye, whole barley, wild rice and buckwheat. Brown rice is fine.

“Legumes like lentils, beans and chickpeas are healthy and satiating as well,” he added.

For those looking for tips on eating healthy and losing weight, the NHS offers a free weight loss plan. You can find out more at


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