CouRage explains why he had to uninstall Warzone for his “mental health”

100 Thieves co-owner and YouTube broadcaster Jack ‘CouRage’ Dunlop explained why he uninstalled Warzone after the Pacific update, saying it affected his mental health and made him afraid to go live since Caldera fell.

The Warzone Pacific update, which saw Call of Duty Vanguard fully integrated with the battle royale game, has divided opinions about the player base.

While the new map was very much anticipated, it was launched with a number of bugs and changes that divided players, such as modifications to dropping gear.

Now, barely a week after Caldera first fell, CouRage has already uninstalled the game and promised to move on to play and other streaming titles instead.


The caldera map in Warzone has caused a split.

In the video he posted explaining his decision, CouRage talks about the main issues he’s having with Warzone right now, and discusses how they’re affecting his overall enjoyment of the game.

While he explains that Loadout Drop changes, terrain, anti-cheat delays, and a number of other issues that affected his enjoyment of the game, it all added to the strain on his mind when trying to stream.

“I’ve finished focusing my content around Warzone,” CouRage said. “I realized more than the fact that it means making less money or potentially losing a sponsor or two. But I can’t do that for my mental health. It makes me dread living and I now realize that Caldera isn’t for me.”

CouRage has always had a love/hate relationship with Warzone. Having played and worked on Call of Duty extensively in the past years, he spoke about the major issues with the BR title in February 2021, almost a year after its launch.

He quit playing for a while and no longer visits for two months after that, although he started playing again in the last few months from Verdansk.

CouRage may not be the first player to leave Warzone at the moment, based on how some players have found Caldera so far. They and their fans hope for big changes in the future, just like CouRage.

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