Conor McGregor ate six meals a day with protein shakes to gain 34 lbs in 6 months, according to his trainer

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  • UFC star Conor McGregor said he’s gained 34 pounds in the past six months.

  • His muscle-building diet included six meals a day with chicken, veggies and a protein shake.

  • He also accurately measured carbohydrates, fats, and proteins, all of which are essential for building muscle.

UFC star Conor McGregor recently shared on social media that he has risen in the weight category, gaining 190 pounds in the past six months. It’s a hefty block from his last recorded combat weight of 156 pounds, though fighters often weigh less than their daily average on fight night, using dehydration and other tricks to make up their weight class.

After a horrific mid-fight injury in July, McGregor worked with trainer Alejandro Celdran to build muscle with a strict diet and focused workouts, according to Spanish magazine Ace.

Seldran told Spain’s ABC newspaper that the fighter relied on foods like chicken, fish, eggs and protein shakes for gains, eating six meals a day. According to his trainer, here’s what a typical day of muscle-fueling meals looks like for McGregor.

McGregor focused on protein in his meals

To build muscle, Seldran said McGregor needs at least 130 to 180 grams of protein per day, or about 0.7-1 grams per pound of body weight, according to the ABC. As a result, each plate of food consists of about 40% protein, 30% vegetables, and a final 30% carbs.

For breakfast, McGregor ate cereal and eggs, with a mid-morning snack of fruit, honey and salad, according to the AS.

His main meal is often chicken with rice and vegetables, such as asparagus. For dinner, MacGregor often enjoyed an Irish stew of meat and potatoes.

McGregor’s meals are flavored with plenty of herbs like basil and oregano, according to AS, which are a rich source of antioxidants and may help reduce inflammation and promote cardiovascular health.

McGregor also drank shakes to supplement his diet with liquid calories. He’ll consume two a day, according to AS – a vanilla and peanut butter shake with his main meal, and a chocolate shake with organic tea before bed. Another favorite shake recipe is a mixture of peanut butter, banana, frozen berries, and oats, according to ABC.

According to his coach, McGregor’s meals were carefully balanced with the right proportions of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats, the AS reported.

All three nutrients are beneficial for muscle gain, according to experts. Protein is essential for rebuilding tissues after a workout, carbohydrates are essential to fuel workouts, and fats help maintain a calorie surplus, which is essential for weight gain.

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