Colton Underwood Goes Instagram Official With Boyfriend Jordan C. Brown to Celebrate His Birthday

Meets BSCher boyfriend!

Colton UnderwoodThe star of ABC’s last season 23 and his new documentary series Colton comes out Recently dropped on Netflix, he has fallen out of the spotlight to celebrate his friend Jordan C BrownHis 39th birthday.

Taking to Instagram Stories on Saturday, December 4, the reality TV personality posted never-before-seen photos of the two of them together. In fact, this was the first time that Colton made his relationship official on Instagram.

“Happy birthday to my loving dog…family man,” Colton gushed in the caption, along with a set of photos of the birthday boy. “Corn nourishes…love.”

In one photo, the pair cuddled together and grinned in matching groups, while Colton’s puppy stood beside them. Another photo captured Jordan lounging on the sofa with two dogs perched next to him.

In a recent interview with New York times, The 29-year-old Netflix star has opened up about his romance with Jordan, a political strategist, and said he’s “very happy and very loving.”

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While Colton kept his lips shut exactly when he started dating Jordan, the outlet stated that they had been together for “several months.” The two were spotted on a romantic Hawaiian trip in September.

Coltonunderwood / Instagram

Colton’s romance seems to be headed in a serious direction, he told currently That their families had already met.

“The easiest way for me to say it is that I’m like bringing a girl home,” Colton explained. “Like, no one closed their eyes.”

But despite Colton’s new revelation about his romance, don’t expect to see him discuss his dating life Colton comes out. The former professional soccer player said he chose to keep this part of his trip away from the Netflix cameras, stating, “Having a public relationship, for me, wasn’t healthy. I think now I’m really guarding what I have.”

Colton Underwood, Jordan C Brown

Sarah Morris/Getty Images for Baby2Baby

in a Colton comes outHowever, he has opened up about his past relationship with Bachelor Nation Cassie Randolph, who got the last rose BSCSeason 23. In May 2020, the duo decided to discontinue it after less than two years together.

“I thought I found someone who could change me,” Colton said of Cassie on his Netflix show, explaining why they held on to their romance. “After breaking up with Cassie, it was really hard. I hit rock bottom. I took a lot of Xanax, and didn’t think I’d wake up the next morning. I did and it was really bad.”

Colton and Cassie’s split was less than pink, after she filed a lawsuit against him in September 2020, claiming he stalked and harassed her between June and August.

In November of that year, she dropped the restraining order and Colton publicly apologized to her, saying at the time, “I don’t believe Casey did anything wrong in serving the restraining orders and I also believe she acted in good faith.”

A source close to Cassie told E! News, “She doesn’t like her name constantly coming up. She’s definitely moved on from that time in her life. She thinks it’s inappropriate for Colton to constantly talk about their relationship, but she understands it’s part of his journey.”

Cassie has since moved on with the musician Brighton Reinhardt.

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