Celebs Who Met Their Famous Crushes

Believe it or not, celebrities have celebrity crushes too.


When Yahya Abdul-Mateen II met Julia Roberts.

CBS / via youtube.be

employment Late Show with James CordenYahya met Julia Roberts for the first time and admitted that it was his first “human crush”. He kept calling her “Tinkerbell.”


When Winona Ryder and Keanu Reeves admitted their crushes on each other.

CBS / via youtube.be

While Keanu and Winona have worked with each other a number of times, they both admitted that they have a “big, healthy crush” for each other, which contributes to the onscreen chemistry.


When Hugh Jackman met Olivia Newton-John.

James Devani/Getty Images (left), Robin L. Marshall/Getty Images (R)

In an interview, Hugh said he was a huge fan of Olivia and explained that he had a poster of her on his wall. He had a chance to meet her when John Travolta introduced her, but Hugh said Olivia wasn’t too happy when she found out she was his crush.


When Jennifer Lawrence met Damien Lewis.

Hubert Boesl Alliance / picture via Getty Images (L), Ethan Miller / Getty Images (R)

Jennifer was shy and excited to meet Damien who starred in one of her favorite shows, homeland. After hugging Damien, Jennifer commented that “her ears are so red now.”


When Keke Palmer met Michael Ealy.

BET / via youtube.be

On her talk show, Kiki revealed that Michael is her “first fan” and that he’s “just fine.” She also said she’s sad because he’ll never see her who – which way because they worked together when she was only 9 years old. Michael ended up surprising Kiki during the clip with a bouquet of flowers, and she was totally stunned.


When One Direction Met Emma Watson.

John Furness/WireImage/Getty Images (L), Anthony Harvey/Getty Images (R)

while on x factorOne Direction had the opportunity to attend Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows The first show where they met Emma. They said Emma was “kind of like a first” and that we “growed watching her.” When they met, she congratulated them on their success.


When Cardi B met Robert Pattinson.

iamcardib / NBC / via youtu.be

Cardi B met Robert at a Vogue UK event and chirp Nice video that shows how excited she is to meet him. She captioned it, “Look who I met that day! I felt like a teenager!”


When Emma Stone met Leonardo DiCaprio.

Christopher Polk / Getty Images

Emma had the chance to meet Leo, her biggest childhood crush, when he presented her with the Best Actress award at the Academy Awards. “He was the love of my life. I had a picture of him in my bedroom signed, I got it for my birthday when I was 12 and I was walking into a Leo and I was like, this is officially the most surreal moment of my life. I couldn’t believe it.”


When Adam Rippon met Shawn Mendes.

I sowed the seed and saw the harvest. He’s cute, he’s cute, and the other guy is ShawnMendes.

AdamRippon / via Twitter: @AdamRippon

Adam explained later The Ellen DeGeneres Show That he “was asleep on Shawn Mendes” and that he “didn’t realize how cute he was”.


When Noah Schnapp with Zendaya.

Emma McIntyre/NBCU Image Bank via Getty Images

The Weird things The actor said he was “obsessed” with Zendaya and was excited to get to know her at the People’s Choice Awards. He described, “I was really nervous and was like ‘Oh my God, it’s actually her.'” She smelled great, she was so cute and she just rose above me.


When Emilia Clarke Met Matt LeBlanc.

BBC/ via youtu.be

Emilia finally got a chance to meet her lover Matt Un The Graham Norton Show when they were guests. She couldn’t hide her excitement, telling him she thought he was “evil,” and asking him to say Joy’s classic sentence, “How are you.”


When Billie Eilish Met Justin Bieber.

David Livingston/Stringer/Getty Images (L), Gotham/GC Images/Getty Images (R)

Billie Bieber has always been huge – she even had a wall covered in Justin Bieber posters when she was younger. So when I bumped into him at Coachella, it was a dream come true. Billy bowed in disbelief, but eventually hugged and danced with Justin during a performance.


When Simone Biles Met Zac Efron.

Simone_Biles / via Twitter: @Simone_Biles

Simone has always been a fan of Zac – she even had cardboard cut-outs in her room. So when he surprised her in Rio, she was speechless. In a later interview, she described the experience: “I thought I was going to pass out… It’s as perfect on screen as it was in person.”


When Ariana Grande Met Jim Carrey.

arianagrande / clever news / via youtu.be

Ariana has always been a huge fan of Jim and openly admitted that he was her “lover for life”. She cried the first time they met, and the two quickly became friends. She even starred in his show, mix.

day after its appearance mixAriana sent this heartfelt message to Jim:


And finally, when Taylor Swift met Justin Timberlake.

Christopher Polk/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

After Taylor revealed that her famous musical crush was Justin, Eileen surprised her with him on her show. Taylor described it as “the best day ever”.

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