Casey Affleck, Caylee Cowan Go Instagram Official After PDA Photos

off the market! After his 2016 relationship with Floriana LimaAnd Casey Affleck He has a new love in his life, and he made his new romance on Instagram official.

Tweet embed Featured, “Oscar winner, 46, defends the actress Kylie Kwan, 23, while sharing on Thursday, November 25, a selfie of a couple donating blood during a local trip. She is not active in love [baseball team] List, but it’s my love, and she always shows up when it’s important… However, usually Kylie isn’t excited about needles, blood etc., and though she believes the indifference all the way to the donation site, once on the table with her sleeve He folded, and quietly heard her ask a staff member, “Is there a chance that I will die?”

For his part, Affleck seemed less nervous about his donation.

Casey Affleck and Kylie Kwan. Courtesy of Casey Affleck / Instagram

“For the past 12 years, I’ve played for a baseball team called The Love,” the Massachusetts native wrote via Instagram. “When my teammates heard that there was a blood shortage and the Red Cross was calling for a donation, they showed up.

The Baby Gold Gold The actor gave shout-outs to other baseball players who had donated blood and concluded his message: “This is the week to give thanks but sometimes you have to give something else. Love & Co. He gave several bags of blood. Lots of love and respect to everyone at the Red Cross.”

The Willy Wonderland For her part, the actress commented on her Instagram post, declaring her love for her new man. “I love you very much,” Kwan replied.

She also shared her own photo from the donation site without her lover.

“Emergency blood shortage!” Kwan explained in her social media post. “The Red Cross needs your help this Thanksgiving. A donation of blood or platelets is now needed to prevent delays in patient care. Hospital demand continues to exceed donations, and your help is vital. This is serious! An emergency shortage of life-saving blood, especially type O , and platelets. The level of blood supply has fallen to the lowest the Red Cross has seen at this time of year in more than 10 years.”

The pair’s debut on Instagram came two days after they made headlines packing on their personal digital assistant. Affleck was spotted falling sunrise in paradise The actress in Los Angeles on Tuesday, November 23. After getting out of his black car, the couple was photographed kissing in the photos he took Sixth page.

The Manchester by the sea The star previously started dating super girl alum, 40, in 2016. However, no star has since confirmed a split. Before his engagement to Lima, Affleck and his ex-wife summer phoenix She called it quits after nearly 10 years of marriage in August 2017.

Those—who share Sons Indiana, 17, and Atticus, 13—remain focused on mating.

Affleck said exclusively, “If there are two parents in the world who have figured out how to raise sons in perfect harmony, they should call me, tell me their secret, write a book, and save the world.” us weekly In June 2019. “In my experience, it is impossible not to differ. You both care about your children a lot, more than anything else in the world. You both have had different childhoods from which to draw your ideas, and eventually you will have different opinions and it will be difficult to work out.”

He continued at the time, “Fortunately, Summer has been and always has been a great mom. She’s loving and fun and the boys adore her, so I think even with our differences, she and I have found a good balance.”

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