Canadian Premier League players seek stability as league enters ‘exploratory discussions’ with players’ association – The Athletic

Marco Carducci had the same conversation over and over again; When new acquaintances hear that he is a professional soccer player, he inevitably asks questions about what kind of extravagant lifestyle they think he has.

“Of course it’s not like that,” Carducci said.

Carducci is the goalkeeper for Cavalry FC, one of the eight teams in the Canadian Premier League. While the Canadian men’s national team has developed into an emerging force in CONCACAF, the Canadian Premier League players are currently immersed in a less glamorous position. Prior to this season, its third, the CPL said the average player salary was $40,000 with a maximum salary of $1.2 million per team. Several players The Athletic spoke to insisted that their salaries were less than $40,000.

CPL players organized to form the Canadian Professional Footballers Association, a proposed player association seeking recognition from the league. But several CPL players insisted to The Athletic that a pay increase is not in the interest of PFA Canada. Overall, they say their goal is to establish a more collaborative relationship with the league.

“The feeling of not admitting that we’re just all the way, it’s hard,” Carducci said of the players. “We have been excluded from every decision that has a significant impact on our daily lives.”

Paul Champ, legal counsel for Ottawa-based PFA Canada, said they had written support from 80 per cent of the league’s players last season to make them as their union, and added that he had formally contacted the league 15 times regarding recognition of the league in 2021 alone.


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