Camila Cabello Reveals How Writing Cinderella Song Helped Her Overcome ‘Hard Time’ with Mental Health

Camila Cabello stars in Cinderella

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Camila Cabello directed part of her own journey of portraying a princess.

The three-time Grammy nominee, 24, revealed that she was going through “really tough times” with her mental health while writing one of the songs for Cinderella.

“I don’t think I know how to write in any way No Personally for me,” she explained during a conversation with Kid Cody and Anderson. Buck and Sparks Brothers The Hollywood ReporterSongwriter’s Round Table. When I was working on ‘Million for One’ for Cinderella, to be completely honest, I’ve been going through really tough times with my mental health.”

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“It was just a period of a lot of anxiety and sadness for me, and that song was like, ‘I can get over this. I know I can improve my life. “I feel like I channeled my own personal journey into the character of the character. The character was so confident — everyone was telling her no, but she knew,” Capello added.

The singer starred in the Prime Video adaptation of Cinderella As a princess from poverty to titular wealth in the beloved fairy tale.

Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes

Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes

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Cabello previously described the anxiety and stress she faced while filming the musical, which was interrupted at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. She revealed during the Apple Fitness + Time to Walk program that she would “stop crying at least once a day.”

“Before the pandemic, I was so tired,” she said last month. “I’ve been working non-stop since I was 15. And as rigorous I started working, there was no time off.” “I was barely at home. I didn’t have time to get to know who I was outside of my career. With that continuing to struggle with mental health, the anxiety, with such toxic levels of stress, wasn’t even a meltdown because I’d just work through it.”

“I was exhausted in every way and at that point I felt like I was running a marathon with a broken leg. I kept going, but it was really hard. I wish I’d been like, ‘Let’s just stop for a second and get a nice cast of my broken leg and get some natural therapy. But I didn’t. COVID stepped in and did it for me.”

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