Brooke Shields Takes Her New Thanksgiving Tradition to the Next Level in Stunning Red Swimsuit

On Thanksgiving Day, most people wear the finest pants they have in their wardrobe for a day of celebration, but not Brooke Shields. The former supermodel started a “new Thanksgiving tradition” by donning her swimsuit for a cool dip.

Shields shared a video of her new regimen as she bravely endured the cold East Coast temperatures and an unheated swimming pool — but she looked great doing it. With Bill Withers’ song “Lovely Day” playing in the background, she donned a gorgeous red one-piece swimsuit. She kept her sunglasses and hair in a high bun as she dipped in the water up to her neck. After a few grunts and groans and convincing herself that she’s ‘okay’, Shields rushes in as she heads off—and we don’t blame her even the slightest bit. That might have been refreshing, but it was kind of twisting at the same time.

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At 56 years old, Shields has made it a priority to celebrate herself and her body in her fifties. “I’ve had a really fraught relationship with the whole idea of ​​beauty since I was a little kid,” she told Dr. Mehmet Oz in 2019 via Yahoo. “There was a disconnect between my head and my body.” She decided to change this narrative as she got older. “I’ve now started to celebrate my body in a way that I never felt free to do as a kid,” she added. The Jane the Virgin The star has begun sharing her health and beauty journey with her followers in recent years to let women of all ages know that they are not alone.

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So while we probably won’t be joining her for a cool dip on Thanksgiving Day next year, we adore her enthusiasm and the enthusiasm she brings with each decade. Life is worth celebrating in every season of life.

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