Britney Spears Was Forced To Attend Therapy Every Day

“Thank you sincerely, dear hearts, for your efforts 😜!!!”

Britney Spears continues to speak publicly about how she has been treated under the guardianship, from which she has since been freed.

Steve Granitz / WireImage

The singer recently took to Instagram to reveal that she was “forced” to attend what looks like marathon therapy sessions, on her own dime.

She wrote in the post, which also included a comic video of her – a representation of what the treatment was like.

“[I]It was a joy…no really…10 hours a day, 7 days a week…no lie…in this beautiful nation it would be fair for me to dedicate my life to the skits of a wonderful therapist!!!! “

“I sincerely thank you dear lovely hearts for your efforts 😜!!! Finally I’m celebrating πŸ₯³…my medicine is obviously working” Morika!!!! “

Finished “Pssss πŸ€βš½οΈβšΎοΈ & KISS MY MOTHER FUCKING ASS πŸ’‹πŸ‘!!!!!” , finished the post.

As People point out, Spears’ latest claims are mostly in line with a court statement she made earlier this year, when the singer said she had to attend therapy three times a week. She also alleged that a former therapist was “extremely abusive” to her.

Watch Spears’ sitcom and read her full posts here.

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