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Posted on December 01, 2021

Hailee Steinfeld, Chopra Jonassis, Gabrielle Union, and Paul Mescal all managed to capture our full attention with their fashion award picks, but that doesn’t mean the following people did poorly. Let’s stay, shall we Arabs?

Alexa Chung in Caroline Ho

We could have had this whole look—including that wrinkled, vintage store look—if it didn’t have the blowout showerhead at the waist.

Billy Porter in Richard Quinn

He made a melodramatic With a group of backup dancers And he tends only to confirm our recently stated opinions that he should consider toning things down just skosh. Men or non-binary people who wear red carpets in skirts and dresses are so common now that his need to advertise himself is starting to feel a little too self-serving and too serious. Having said that, it’s a great look.

Charli XCX in Tommy Hilfiger

We suppose if you’re going with Tommy Hilfiger to the Fashion Awards, this is the best you can expect. Yes, that was contentious. decent.

Demi Moore in Fendi Couture

The trend this week seems to be “Everyone’s wearing opera-length leather gloves! Even if they’re not wearing a dress!” Having said that, we kind of love this look, but we wish the train had been modified and a more interesting shoe choice.

Lipa 2nd in Maximilian Davis

It’s an interesting shape and we love the faux sleeves and neckline, which ensure it’s not a too faded design, but we wish there was some color or shine to pop a bit.

Gillian Anderson from Chloe

The sexy kaftan is entirely within her driving room and we love this kaftan, even if the color doesn’t make it particularly attractive. Love the necklace, but it’s too big for the neckline.

India Moore wears Tommy Hilfiger

We don’t quite like it, but Tommy sure did it better (meaning it did a more interesting design) than poor Charlie did there. We think the dress would work best without…whatever you call that sleeve.

James McAvoy in Giorgio Armani

I can’t argue with that, but we’ll try: the jacket is too short and the pants are a little snug and too long.

Jenna Coleman in Dior

The classic goddess gown will never go out of style, but we wish she was more aggressive in terms of design. This is not the hair of a goddess.

Kate Beckinsale in Sabina Bilenko Couture

We kind of like her fierce traction, which means we’re willing to accept her overly tailored bodice and maybe slightly matching shoes because she offers such cheek-sucking service. But we draw the line for what looks like a hair bow. Girl, that’s not fierce. This is not a drag.

Kehlani at H&M

Love this, full stop. H&M is really killing it in this week’s polka-dot scene.

Kristen Scott Thomas from AMI Paris

She can practice this kind of extreme simplicity in her sleep. We think the satin finish works in favor of the design (otherwise it would be a bit too mommy-to-be), but these sleeves are pretty wrinkled and worrisome. Love the bag and earrings.

Tan France in Mohsen Naveed Ranga

The hair is flawless, the suit is amazing, and the white shoes just don’t do it for us.

[Photo Credit: ABACA/, PA Images/, Gareth Cattermole/BFC/Getty Images for BFC]

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