Brightseed and Olam Food Ingredients have partnered to identify novel health benefits of black pepper and garlic

Brightseed (San Francisco, CA) and Olam Food Ingredients (OFI, Chicago, IL) have announced a partnership to explore the health benefits of black pepper and garlic. While research has shown the bioactive substances in this popular spice, not all active compounds have been detected. Through the partnership, Brightseed and OFI hope to identify the types of garlic and black pepper that provide the highest levels of bioactivity. OFI’s innovation team, which operates in Centers of Ingredient Excellence in Fresno, California and Vietnam, also hope to discover the health benefits found in global American garlic and black pepper varieties.

Brightseed will use the Forager AI platform to identify complex molecular structures and novel compounds in classes of spices, then identify specific mechanisms of plant bioactivities likely to be associated with a direct health benefit. Forager will also analyze and quantify how different regions, plants, growing conditions, and processing methods affect phytochemical expression and bioactive efficacy across multiple areas of human health for black pepper and garlic sources located in the United States. Forager discoveries will then be subject to in the laboratory Validation to enable a risk-free clinical trial process for innovation.

“Throughout the history of OFI, we have invested in botany, identifying and developing high-quality varieties of black pepper and garlic for our clients,” said Greg Estip, managing director and CEO of the spice business at OFI, in a press release. Valuable for flavor but should also be explored for health applications. These data insights will help us unlock the health and differentiation potential of our spice supply and drive innovation in the future. OFI continues to invest in its broad product portfolio through our customer solutions and component centers of excellence. “

“We are thrilled to work with OFI to bring healthy consumer conversations back to nature,” said Sophia Elizondo, co-founder and chief operating officer of Brightseed. “OFI has a strong signature of black pepper which provides the researcher with access to a range of cultivars with the goal of developing a robust comparative model of bioactive efficacy and density. Brightseed seeks to build data and validate that the food and health industries need to create a basis for the true value of plants to improve human health.”

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