Brett Eldredge Opens Up About His Mental Health In A New Poem

by Anita Tai.

2 hours ago

Country star Brett Eldredge is always open about his struggles with mental health.

On December 8, the star shared with his fans in the form of a poem, CMT reports.

Eldredge posted a video on Instagram of him walking in the woods.

The video was accompanied by a story about the difficult day the singer faced in which he said:

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I wrote this poem when I was having a mentally rough day… We’ve all had those days, I’ve definitely had my share… I’ve been fighting it, and still do it sometimes, feeling frustrated, feeling guilty or ashamed for feeling anxious or down. ..these things in life can be really hard, but those hard days make the good days really matter…sometimes it’s better to just let it go and enjoy it all…I’m grateful for this journey, and every part of it…wait: ) “

In the video, birds can be heard chirping as the singer recites his poem “The More I Feel” in an audio commentary.

“I woke up feeling less than me
I tried to write down all the words but it didn’t help
I walked along the bridge across the park in the commons
His fist still hurt a lot more than I wanted
I tried to escape in every possible way
Then I realized that feeling this way can be good
Because how do I know the feeling of bliss
If the whole life was with smiles and love without risk
So I’m going to take all this pain for the day
The more you feel
The more you earn”

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Eldredge often uses his art to manipulate his feelings. In 2020, he re-recorded his emotional track “Raymond” he wrote to deal with his reaction to his grandmother’s diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease.


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