Bolton charity hosting event to improve men’s mental health

A charity BOLTON is giving away free slow cookers to men as part of a winter event, to help improve their mental health and eating habits.

It forms part of an initiative funded by Ambition for Aging, which allows Age UK Bolton to offer slow cookers for up to 30 men.

Through efficacy and free slow cooking, the charity wants to help improve men’s well-being and eating habits during the winter period, as well as provide an opportunity to learn new cooking skills.

Leslie Sim, Director of Aging Well said: “The men’s club’s Winter Warmer event will be open to all men over 50 across town and will feature activities such as ping-pong, curling, card games and dominoes, as well as a live slow cooker show with the resident qualified chef. We have Matthew Foyle.

“There will be hot food and drinks to enjoy and hopefully it will be a huge success.”

Matthew said, “I enjoy helping people, and men tend to neglect themselves and stay on their own.

“Through this we can now give men who may have fallen into this gap a chance.

“A lot of those who come to our classes are female, which is great, but we want to help older men who are living alone and who really need support who might be well nourished”

In order for you to stand a chance of winning a slow cooker, all the charity requires is that people attend their December event.

Men over 50 who live alone or provide primary care will be offered slow cookers for residents of Farnworth and Kearsley.

The new men’s group behind the event, is welcoming men from all over Bolton to help with social isolation and improve the mental health of men in the area.

The charity hopes that through more social activities and gifts like these, men’s self-esteem and cooking skills will be improved.

Slow cookers will be available to get rid of the men’s winter warmer on Tuesday. December 21, from 1.30 p.m. at the Aging Well Center in Farnworth.

For more information or to reserve your place at the event, call 01204 701525 and speak to Leslie or Matthew.

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