Blue California launches clean-label whitening agents

Blue California (Rancho Santa Margherita, California) releases clean labels and food-grade bleaching agents, as an alternative to white-colored titanium dioxide for use in products such as chewing gum, sweets, pastries, chocolate, coffee whiteners and cake decorating. The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) recently deemed titanium dioxide unsafe, even though it is FDA GRAS with a 1% weight limit.

“Brands seeking to replace the white colorant with titanium dioxide will find many benefits to Blue California’s patented pending nutritional whitening agents,” said Cui Yan, Ph.D., vice president of packaging, in a press release. “Our alternative to titanium dioxide is changing the industry with darkening or whitening effects and excellent sensory benefits with a deliciously creamy/rich mouth feel and contains special ingredients that may have additional benefits such as cognitive health support.”

Yan says the agents are heat and pH stable for a variety of applications. They also have a similar diameter size to conventional titanium dioxide with higher (whiter) L values. According to Blue California, the bleaching agents have been tested on chewing gum. When compared to titanium dioxide, the whitening effect was similar, increasing with increasing dose.

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