Bloating: Celery can help beat the bloat

Bloating can be caused by our diet and lack of movement making winter the “worst time” for this problem, says joint wellness expert Lisa Harris. As we eat “naughty” foods full of starch and spend more time indoors, the feeling of a stretched tummy can be the new constant. Harris told how to beat bloating just by enjoying a healthy snack.

Celery stops bloating by flushing out anything from the body.

Medical News Today explains that our bodies are typically 50 to 60 percent water, and anything extra is water weight.

When this extra water accumulates in the body, it can lead to bloating and bloating. This is where celery comes into play with its diuretic ability.

Basically, it works to detoxify the liver and helps pass more water and have bowel movements. This stops the bloating,” Harris noted.

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Although you can get celery at your local store for as little as 43p, the health expert advocates the organic version of this vegetable.

“If it’s full of pesticides and herbicides, you won’t get the full benefit of the plant, so the plant is only as good as the soil it’s actually growing in,” Harris said.

“So, organic is a must. For example, a plant that is sprayed with herbicides and pesticides, grows very easily, so it does not produce all those vital nutrients.”

If you’re looking for “complete nutritional value,” a wellness expert says to head to organic celery.

How much celery do I need to eat?

Harris says as little as three stalks a day can make a difference. She said, “Take a test today, just eat some in a salad.

“I bet any money in 30 minutes you’ll go to the bathroom, it literally helps flush out the whole body.”

If snacking on vegetables doesn’t appeal to you, the expert also recommends trying celery juice.

She added: “Just a daily glass of celery juice can help balance the gut flora and help stimulate regular bowel movements.

“Drinking celery juice can help you reach your daily goal of hydration and prevent dehydration — which can also cause bloating.”

When do you eat celery?

Harris advised to start your day with celery because this is the best time to start and prepare your body for the day.

“I have [celery] In the morning it strengthens your immune system, think about your lymphatic system, your sewage systems, you need to clean it up, you need to get rid of it.”

If you’re not sure what to pair celery with, try lettuce, which is a diuretic, cucumber, beetroot, or apple, recommended by the health expert.

Not only will celery help with puffiness, but it’s also an anti-inflammatory, so it can help get rid of any inflamed areas of the body, and it may even help treat acne.

However, you may want to choose other options if you’re taking blood-thinning medications because celery contains high levels of vitamin K “which is believed to have a blood-thinning effect,” Harris concluded.

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