Bhagyashree Tells Us Why Including Zinc In Our Diet Is Important

For some people, food is just a way to satisfy hunger and urges. However, actress Bhagyashree is not one of those. For her, food is a vital source of nutrition. Eating the right foods is important not only for gaining or losing weight, but also for maintaining a healthy nutritional balance in our bodies. Bhagyashree recently shared a video about the importance of zinc in our diet. And confirmed the role of zinc in strengthening the immune system. She said, “For non-vegetarians, it is very easy to eat meat, fish and eggs. Vegetarians will have to choose from kale, peas, garlic and dairy products such as milk, yogurt and cheese.”

Legumes also contain zinc. But this is the reason why Bhagyashree does not recommend it as the main source of the mineral. “Beans contain zinc but the body does not absorb it easily,” she said, “and make sure that in your diet you don’t just think about carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. The essential nutrients are just as important.”

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There’s more on her side in the caption. She wrote, “Immunity is synonymous with health nowadays. New infections, changing viruses, pollution and a changing environment bring challenges that we have to combat every day. Zinc is a micronutrient that has a huge impact on immunity. Since it cannot be produced by we must make sure we eat foods that contain it.” “.

Here is the post:

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Bhagyashri practices what she preaches. She often shares pictures of her healthy foods and drinks on social media. She recently shared a picture of a healthy green juice on Instagram Stories. She wrote “Colorful Mornings” and added the hashtags “Breakfast” and “Healthy Food.” Read more about it here.

If you’re looking for inspiration to dive into a healthy diet, look no further. Bhagyashree is here with her healthy diet goals. From indulging in a healthy dinner to teaming up with her girl gang for a Friday feast, Bhagyashree never compromises on her fitness goals. We were all for healthy eating when I shared the photo of leafy greens laid out on a bed of chickpeas, cucumbers, tomatoes and croissants on the side, with a fresh cup of coffee. Read more about it here.

If you struggle to learn good eating habits or search for healthy food options, search Bhagyashree for inspiration.


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